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To Kill A Whopping Bird(1985)  Video length - 18 minutes

This video was produced by the Canadian Department of National Defence in their ongoing effort to reduce human Maintenance Errors.

In the interest of Aviation Safety, reproduction of this video has been extended.  This video is to be used for training purposes ONLY.

The video depicts an accident scenario in which a Search and Rescue Helicopter crashes due to several maintenance errors.  The many human factors that lead to the fatal error are well depicted.  Many Safety nets intended to prevent the accident were not being utilized.

The question to be answered is "Why"?

Cost of this video is $175.00 Canadian funds plus $25.00 Canadian shipping and handling.  This video includes the Facilitator notes as well as the Case Study notes.

The complete series (7 training videos) may be obtained for $900.00 Canadian plus $25.00 Canadian shipping and handling only from System Safety Services.  This is a savings of $275 over individual ordering and is only available through System Safety Services.

Funds from the videos are used to produce further training videos in the series. 

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Case Study #9