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The goals of AirSafe.com have been to provide the aviation safety community and the general public with factual and timely information on events that involve the deaths of airline passengers. AirSafe.com also provides fatal event information by airline and aircraft model, as well as information about current aviation safety issues.


Association of Aerospace Industries Singapore


Air Transport Training College


Beyond Risk Management Ltd. wants your organization to succeed. No matter what you currently use for risk reduction, it can be improved. You can move Beyond. A total safety culture is within your grasp. Call us with your questions and we’ll help you find the answers

FAA's NEW Fatigue Management Site

FitzWright Survival Inc. is a supplier and full service facility for the:

      • Marine Safety and Environmental Response Industries
      • Aviation Safety and Search and Rescue Industries

FitzWright Survival Inc. strives to provide the best options for our client’s unique needs in the industries that we serve. To that end, we have compiled this growing library of technical and support information from our global network of partners to provide you with a useful reference tool to select and support your equipment needs.


The Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance and Inspection (HFAMI) Web Page has been established to provide access to products of the Federal Aviation Administration Office of Aviation Medicine's Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance and Inspection Research Program.  The overall purpose is to provide a vehicle for disseminating information relative to Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance.

The following web address will provide an excellent FAA publication on Human Factors and the steps to take to implement the training.  Give it a try.


My Drone Authority

My Drone Authority offers drone industry news, commentary and buying guides in an effort to help people get the most out of this amazing hobby & profession


Pacific Flying Club

System Safety Services recommends the Pacific Flying Club because of its strong emphasis on Safety as an integral part of flying training.

Patricia Kennedy and Clark Duimel take Safety very seriously and work to ensure that all their trainees leave with the right attitude toward Safety

Pro Aviation Safety Training

Pro Aviation Safety Training Training is Canada's first west coast based company to provide aircraft ditching underwater egress and sea survival training to pilots, flight crew and passengers.

"We highly recommend this training for all who have to fly over water either as a crew member or passenger". - Gordon Dupont

Safeopedia’s Core Purpose is to support and recognize the valuable contribution made by EH&S professionals, who we find are often under-valued.  Our Mission is to create the single most comprehensive Environmental Health & Safety resource for EH&S professionals globally.  All accidents are preventable so let’s work together to improve the culture of public and workplace safety for everyone.  Safety starts with you!


Singapore Institute of Aerospace Engineers

 Transport Canada

   Vintage Wings of Canada

At Vintage Wings of Canada it is our mission to acquire, restore, maintain and fly classic aircraft significant to the early history of powered flight. A particular focus is on aircraft of Canadian importance. Each airplane in our collection is restored and maintained to the highest standards. They are authentically detailed and operated within the most stringent of safety guidelines. It is our goal to inspire and educate future generations about the historical significance of our aviation heritage and to demonstrate that these aircraft are more than just metal, fabric, and wood artifacts. We seek to keep the souls of these aircraft alive through the thundering sound of engines, the smell of leather, glycol, oil and sweat, as well as the laughter of their pilots as they dance with them in their natural element in the skies over Canada.

Women In Aviation

Women in Aviation, International is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to providing networking, education, mentoring and scholarship opportunities for women (and men) who are striving for challenging and fulfilling careers in the aviation and aerospace industries. For more information about WAI, contact us at 3647 State Route 503 South, West Alexandria, OH 45381, Phone (937) 839-4647; Fax (937) 839-4645