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Terrible Odds

The Terrible Odds is an Excellent Tool for Human Factors

Training Goal:  Through the use of this team exercise, the participants will realize how easy it is to make an error of incorrect installation and/or omission.   They will then develop ways to lessen the chance of making these errors.

For further information on how to use this model please view our PowerPoint Presentation below. 

PowerPoint Presentation - Terrible Odds

You may order this kit for $45 using the order form below.  Included with this kit is a complete PowerPoint Presentation illustrating via pictures the total ways the job can be done incorrectly (over 1 billion ways).

Should you wish to build your own Model, obtain a bolt, 8 nuts, 8 washers and cut # groves into each and color the (a different color for each) nut & washer as illustrated above.   A model takes approx. 2-3 hours to fabricate.


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