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Training Videos

Any good human factors training program requires follow on training and some means of maintaining the awareness the workshops provide.  Thus the Dirty Dozen and Magnificent Seven  posters were developed as a follow on to HPIM Parts 1 and 2.  System Safety Services is dedicated to developing at least 12 low cost training videos to also help with the maintaining of this vital awareness.

All videos are designed to help reduce maintenance errors by maintaining or improving the viewers awareness of the causes of maintenance error.  They are training videos recreating an actual accident often using none professional actors and crew.  While they may be low budget, they carry a serious and useful message.  

All training videos developed by System Safety Services are divided into three main segments.  

The first segment is the story that illustrates the links that form to cause an accident.  The VHS or DVD then instructs the viewer (viewers) to stop the tape or DVD and discuss the links that lead to the accident.  

The second segment then shows the links in the storyline and at the end again instructs the viewer (viewers) to stop the tape or DVD and discuss what Safety nets might prevent a reoccurrence of the story accident.

The third segment presents the Safety nets through a group of industry experts discussing what Safety nets could be used to prevent a reoccurrence.  These Safety nets are then summarized at the end.

Each video's total length is about 20 to 30 minutes.

Each video always comes with a facilitator's package that contains the facilitator notes and the case study.  The facilitator notes provide information on how to obtain maximum value from each training video. 

If you can't afford the video, you may download and use any of the case studies for training purposes.  Contact us for more information as we are here to assist you in reducing human error.


The videos produced to date (2007) are.


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