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Charles Alday is the Founder and Principal Consultant with Alday Consulting Services, Inc.  The management consulting firm specializes in organizational development and operational excellence that improves performance, builds cultures that value learning, and develops leaders at all levels of the organization.     

Before beginning the consulting firm, Charles was Operational Excellence Manager with Colonial Pipeline Company.  Charles worked for Colonial Pipeline Co. for 30 years and in the pipeline industry for 39 years.     Charles has experience in pipeline construction, operations, maintenance, and management.  For the last six years of his career, he worked with persons in all parts of the organization with Colonial’s Operational Excellence program – designed to eliminate pipeline leaks, spills, and errors.   He was recognized by the company for “creating, implementing, and sustaining Operational Excellence.”  Leaks, spills, and errors were reduced significantly due to improvements in performance by people, processes, and technology.

His primary responsibilities were the Conduct of Operations, Lessons Learned program, Incident Management, Performance Measures, and Organizational Development activities.  He worked with persons and groups to enhance safety culture, human factors knowledge and applications, risk management, and corporate performance. 

Charles also served on many cross-functional teams and as a leadership consultant and team effectiveness coach at Colonial.   He also is often asked to make speeches and presentations about all these subjects, and has made numerous speeches inside and outside Colonial Pipeline Co.