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Fatigue is a major problem in our industry and is the #1 contributing factor of the Dirty Dozen.   The main reason for this is, fatigue makes it easier for the other 11 factors to occur.

Everyone is talking how a Fatigue Management System is required but it has limited value because it tries to ensure that the person doesn't work too long and they have time for adequate rest.  But unfortunately some will still come to work fatigued and sometimes for reasons other than lack of sleep.

Since 1993, In the Mines of Australia they have discovered a means of answering that vital question, "Can they do it Safely"? 

Read the the PDF below to see how it's done and to get a better understanding of how it works.   I believe that Aviation could also benefit from such a Safety tool.

Please click on the link below for our Fit To Work Indicator Pamphlet to find out more about it!

Fit For Work Indicator (pdf)

There is an Article written in the Aviation International News regarding the recent Jet Blue pilot breakdown. The article suggests that perhaps the Fit to Work Indicator may have caught the signs of this upcoming breakdown. Have a read and you be the judge. Aviation International News

For more information on the Fit to Work Indicator, please click on Presentations and you can see the Presentation that we presented at the CHC 2010 Safety Summit.

Please take a moment and read this Evaluation Written Report from Aero Jet Services on their experience using the Fit to Work Indicator!   EVALUATION

Take a moment to watch this clip from an Austrailian TV Program featuring the (OSPAT) Fit For Work Indicator! CLICK HERE

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