Our Mission: "To assist our clients in developing the best possible Safety System to meet their needs".





Our work is very serious with peopleís (sometimes even our own) lives depending on us never making an error. So a little humor, while not intended to trivialize the work or demean the persons who perform it, can help us work better by providing a little "internal jogging" or laughter.

Laughter is known to be an excellent stress reliever, so please, donít take any of the cartoons or jokes personally and relax a little.

A true professional is able to laugh at himself as well as with others.

If you have any jokes or cartoons that relate to aviation, especially maintenance, please send them to me and Iíll include them on this site. It is my intention (more like a dream) to add at least one joke a week. Some may also not be "politically correct."  Enjoy. 


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