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CARs - Navigating the Canadian Air Regulations


Navigating the CARs is an interative workshop that introduces the participants to the CARs website and teaches everyone on how to navigate their way around the website to find the answers they are looking for. We also take the time to explain what the CARs are, why we need them, etc. We use problem based learning by giving each student a question and letting them search through the CARs for the correct answer. It is necessary that students have access to the internet for this part of the program.

Each workshop is customized to each company's needs and can have a min of 2 participants and a max of 20.

For the cost of this workshop, please email dupontr@system-safety.com


As with all our workshops we offer this guarantee:

"If at the end of the workshop, any persons feels that it was a waste of his/her time, we will refund the fee minus only expenses."