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Introduction to Human Factors - Airports Part 1

This first of a three part series is a one or two day workshop. It is highly interactive and helps answer why a conscientious person can end up causing an accident due to an error.

Participants will learn what they can do to avoid the error that no one ever intends to cause. It is a highly interactive workshop that covers:

1) The objective and outline - Why should you be here

This is often called the motivator or reason to stay awake 

2) What causes us to make mistakes?

A very simple model is used to help explain why we humans make errors and what are some of the things we can do to lessen these errors

3) Human Factor Errors (The Dirty Dozen)

Six more of the Dirty Dozen are covered in detail with solutions developed to lessen the chances of an error from them.

4)  Stress 

This is the first of the big four in the Dirty Dozen and is covered in detail with solutions developed to reduce and control it's negative effects

5) Fatigue

Another of the big four that is given the most time in order to help reduce errors from it's effects

6) Communication or the lack of

This Chapter covers the importance of communication and how to communicate effectively

7) Teamwork or the lack of 

(Note: Teamwork is covered in part with a survival exercise) The participants are made to realize that the complete company is the team and not just their fellow workers

18) Case Studies

There is once case study towards the end so students learn how to identify the chain of events and develop "Safety Nets" to avoid making errors

11) Wrap up

The workshops all end with the participants setting safety goals from what they have learned

A certificate of training is issued to the participants 

Note: ALL our workshops utilize two fully trained facilitators in order to provide the best possible delivery of the workshop. 

Some comments from past courses.

Q Hi

It has been just over 4 months since we did the HUMAN FACTORS training with you.  I often think of things that you imparted to us during those training sessions.  Thank you for your passion and unique sense of humor.

I have made it a practice with our team that when we have a rare occasion of something going a bit off the tracks operationally or a slip-up in customer service – we do a debrief, retrace our steps and identify all the “links in the chain”.  From there we use the “Dirty Dozen” as an overlay to see what contributed to the “situation”.  Once we identify the issues, we discuss what steps will be taken to ensure that this problem does not repeat itself, and in some cases we are able to create a “safety net” to ensure that we catch any potential repeats of that problem.  This has been very effective!

Another concept that you shared with us was “the child” and “the adult” – we often refer to it in our conversations with each other at the office.  It has been a great way for me to understand myself and also a great way to observe other peoples’ behavior.  It often serves me well, in that I am able to effectively remove myself from situations that can potentially go very bad and just observe “the child” taking over with others (like in traffic).  This concept is applicable in every aspect of life, and so I am glad to have knowledge of it as a “tool” for my “toolbox”.

Hope all is well in your life and that you are continuing to gain great satisfaction from sharing your passion.

Best regards


Manger, Business Development

FitzWright Survival Inc.

Q Everyone in the industry should have an opportunity to attend.

Q   It was easy to understand and the most interesting I have ever done.

Q Great course. You sure can deliver the message.

Q It will be a valuable tool for work and my personal life. Thanks..

Q   As you know, I have been in Aviation for 47 years.  This, by far, is the most valuable 2 days I have spent in all those years - Thanks to the tag team  - Gordon & Bill  PS My True Feeling   Signed Gerry LaBrusciano  JetBlue April 6, 2006  Thank you   

This course has been adapted from the 1993 Transport Canada/Industry developed workshop and completion of it qualifies as recurrent training in Canada and the USA.

All our Human Performance workshops are centered around the (Dirty Dozen).  

They are presented here for you to view.

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Lack of Communication


Lack of Knowledge


Lack of Teamwork


Lack of Resources


Lack of Assertiveness


Lack of Awareness


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