Our Mission: "To assist our clients in developing the best possible Safety System to meet their needs".


Human Factors Incident Investigation


1) The objective and outline - Why should you be here

This is often called the motivator or reason to stay awake 

2) Human Factors Incident Investigation

This chapter looks beyond to the man to discover the preconditions that may have caused the incident.

3) What Interferes With Our Judgement To Make An Error

4) Finding and Dealing With Hazards

5) Safety Error Decision Aid

A form to assist with the human error investigation.

11) Wrap up

The workshops all end with the participants setting safety goals from what they have learned

A certificate of training is issued to the participants 

Note: ALL our workshops utilize two fully trained facilitators in order to provide the best possible delivery of the workshop. 

As with all our workshops we offer this guarantee:

"If at the end of the workshop, any persons feels that it was a waste of his/her time, we will refund the fee minus only expenses."