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Pilot Decision Making - Part 1

This one day workshop was designed by aviation personnel for single pilot operations but can be attended by any aviation personnel. It is highly interactive and helps answer why a conscientious person can end up causing an accident.

Participants will learn what they can do to avoid making the error that no one ever intends to make. The workshop is designed to be entertaining as well as informative and covers the following chapters:

A set of "Flight Crew Dirty Dozen" posters with the appropriate "Safety Net" reminders have been developed to help maintain the awareness that the workshops will provide.  See examples at bottom of this page.

                    1) Workshop Objective, Outline and MP (Mentally Prepared)

        This is often called the motivator or reason to stay awake.

2) How Can We Be Mentally Prepared?

A very simple model is used to help explain why we humans make the decisions we do and what are some of the things we can do to ensure that we are mentally prepared when something goes wrong.

3) Decision Making or the Lack of

This is better known as loss of situation awareness. Strategies are developed to lessen the chances of this occurring. .

4) What Influences our Decision Making?

This chapter covers the many things that can influence our decision making both physiological (hypoxia) and psychological (complacency) Organizational (the company culture) is covered in Part 2

5) Decision Making and Risk Management

This chapter explains how the benefit or perceived benefit causes us to takes risks. It goes on to show how to manage risk.

6) Case Studies

There are two case studies in the workshop. In these case studies they learn how to identify the chain of events and develop "Safety Nets" to avoid making the errors.

7) Wrap up

The workshops all end with the participants setting safety goals from what they have learned

A certificate of training is issued to the participants 

Some Comments From Past Courses

Q Didnít think Iíd get anything out of it but I did.

Q Somehow you made my being here on a day off Sunday worthwhile. Thanks

Q Been flying for almost 30 years and I still learned something.

Q Thanks for showing that you can teach an old dog some new tricks.

As with all our workshops we offer this guarantee:

"If at the end of the workshop, any persons feels that it was a waste of his/her time, we will refund the fee minus only expenses." (No free donuts)


This set of "Flight Crew Dirty Dozen" was developed to help maintain the awareness of the workshop participants.

Like previous Dirty Dozen developed by System Safety Services, each one illustrates one of the Dirty Dozen and the Safety nets that assist the reader to avoid making that error.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge each image

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