Our Mission: "To assist our clients in developing the best possible Safety System to meet their needs".



Safety Management System (SMS) - Part 1

This one day workshop was designed to introduce all personnel to a Safety Managment System (SMS). It is based on a model developed in 1995 to demonstrate where human factors training fits into Safety.

Just what is a Safety Management System? - It is a formal, systematic accident prevention program that manages the Safety risks through ALL aspects of the company - Gordon Dupont

It is the next logical step in reducing human error. Participants learn the components of a SMS and what their role in it will be. The workshop is informative, interative and entertaining. A set of "Safety Management System" posters with reminders have been developed to help maintain the awareness that the workshops will provice. Click here to view the posters.

The workshop contains the following chapters:

                    1) Indroduction, Objective and Outline

This chapter is the motivator and explains why SMS is so important now.

2) A Safety Management System (SMS)

A model is introduced that illustrates the main components of a SMS. The chaper goes on to explain the key component: Human factors training and why it is so vital for success.

3) Company Culture

The main purpose of SMS is to help ensure that the company culture is a "Safety Culture". An understanding of what is a true "Safety Culture" is covered.

4) Human Factors Incident Investigation

The what and why of incident investigation is covered as well as the purpose of discipline, incident data analysis, feedback and emergency response plan are also part of this chapter.

5) Managing the Risk

Managing risk is an important component of any SMS and a model is introduced that factors in the benefits as well as the probability and severity.

6) Case Studies

Two case studies are provided that enable the participants to practice some of what they have learned.


The appendices contain a SMS starting checklist as well as sample material you can use for reference. A CD with a sample data analysis computer program is provided.

A certificate of training is issued to the participants 

As with all our workshops we offer this guarantee:

"If at the end of the workshop, any persons feels that it was a waste of his/her time, we will refund the fee minus only expenses." (No free donuts)