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Human Performance for High Consequence Industries - Part 1

This two-day workshop, is based on a proven aviation training program that has helped reduce human errors by 50% when combined with a Safety Management System. It provides solutions to the question; why a conscientious person can end up causing an accident to himself or others due to a human error.
Participants will learn what they can do to avoid the error that no one ever intends to make. It is a highly interactive workshop that covers the following chapters:
1) The objective and outline
This is often called the motivator or reason to stay awake.
2) What Determines a Person’s Characteristics?
A very simple model is used to help explain why we humans make errors and what are some of the things we can do to lessen these errors.
3) Behavioral Analysis
This Chapter uses work related questions to enable each participant to look at his/her own characteristics. Assertiveness or the lack of is covered in this Chapter.
4) Human Factor Errors (The Dirty Dozen)
Six more of the Dirty Dozen are covered and Safety nets developed to lessen the chances of an error from them.
5) Stress
This one of the big four in the Dirty Dozen is covered in detail with solutions developed to reduce and control it’s negative effects .
6) Fatigue
Another of the big four that is given the most time in order to help reduce errors from its effects.
7) Communication or the lack of
This Chapter covers the importance of communication and how to communicate effectively.
8) Teamwork or the lack of
(Note: Part of Teamwork is covered with a survival exercise) The participants come to realize that the complete company is the team and not just their fellow workers.
9) Case Studies.
There are four case studies mixed throughout the workshop. In these case studies they learn how to identify the chain of events and develop “Safety Nets” to avoid making the errors.