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Careless, Stupid, Dumb and Lazy (2001)(Series #4)  Video length - 23 minutes 

This video was the fourth of the series produced by System Safety Services and like the others, challenges the viewer to recognize the links that form to cause the accident.  The video then demonstrates the links and finally the safety nets that can help prevent a repeat of the accident.

The video is based on an actual event but has been changed and amplified to demonstrate all of the "Dirty Dozen" plus "Early Life Decisions" that contribute to an error in judgment that leads to an accident.  There are a number of system errors that make this video a useful management training tool as well. (See Case Study #4 below)

The video is used in System Safety Services, Human Performance in Maintenance Part 2, workshop and in Safety Management System training.. 

Copies of this video, the training booklet and the facilitator notes that accompany it, may be obtained directly from System Safety Services in VHS NTSC or PAL format as well as on DVD with appropriate chapters.

Cost of this video or others in the series is $175.00 Canadian funds plus $25.00 Cdn. shipping and handling.

The complete series (6 training videos) may be obtained for $900.00 Canadian plus $25.00 Cdn. shipping and handling.  This is a savings of $275 over individual ordering and is only available through System Safety Services.

Funds from the videos are used to produce further training videos in the series. 

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Case Study #4

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Video comments

"I think it's a good help for the youngest students to grasp the dirty dozen and it makes a good basis for useful discussions."
Ingerlise Philipsen 
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