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Flight to Tuk (2012) Pilot/Crew Decision Making Series #2

Video length - 32 minutes.

This video is the eighth in the series produced by System Safety Services.

This video is not based on an actual event but was produced from a training video produced in 1999 by a regional airline that no longer exists. It has been modified and updated from the original material.

The video begins with an explanation of Threat & Error Management (TEM). The storyline following that begins with a series of unrecognized threats. These in turn lead to an error that ultimately leads to an undesirable consequence or accident. The lack of a functioning Emergency Response Plan (ERP) adds to the negative outcome. Fortunately, this video is fictitious but is well with the realm of possibility.

Cost of this video or others in the series is $175.00 Canadian funds plus shipping and handling.

A selection of any six (6) training videos may be obtained for $900.00 Canadian plus shipping and handling.  This is a savings of $275 over individual ordering.

Funds from the videos are used to produce further training videos in the series. 

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