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Aviation Human Factors Industry News

The following weekly issues have been generously provided by Roger Hughes, President, Decoding Human Factors, Inc. - Congratulations to Roger on being awarded - The Charles Taylor "Master Mechanic" Award by the FAA
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They are excellent articles and deal with the all important subject of human factors.  Please have a read and let others know of this site.

Check back weekly for the latest news and thanks Roger for sharing this information.  Please share it with your fellow workers so we all can be just a bit Safer by learning from others mistakes.

Reading these can help maintain our awareness of Human Factors and remind us that "If we are Human - We also could make the error."

This is into its 16th year (2020) so there is a lot to be learned here.  

Thank you Roger for your 16 years of hard work and dedication to the Aviation Human Factors Newsletter!  We look forward to reading all the future editions in 2020.  - Renée Dupont-Adam 

  • Volume 16, Issue 9 - Maintenance-Related Mishap Acts - US NAVY (Learn from our near misses) AAIB: Biocide overdose in fuel after maintenance caused serious engine issues on Airbus A321 (Lack of knowledge) LACK OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION (Another of the Dirty Dozen stricks again) and much more.

  • Volume 16, Issue 8 - FAA Aviation Mx Human Factors Quarterly, March 2020 (Worth the read) Culture: The Foundation of a Safety Management System (SMS) (A Safety Culture is a must) ILong EZ’s canopy opens during takeoff (Pilot error?) and much more.

    Volume 16, Issue 7 - Legacy of the deadliest aviation crash in 1977(Chain of events) FAA grounds future "Wings of Freedom" flights, cites lack of training, maintenance prior to fatal B-17 crash at
    (Lack of Knowledge) Plane parking spaces hard to find as coronavirus grounds thousands of aircraft (All those plans grounded at once - what to do?) and much more.

  • Volume 16, Issue 6 - Report: Drugs Showing up more in pilots killed in crashes? (This includes presciption medication) Inspector General Report Signals Dangerous Air Safety Complacency (Let's talk Safety) Former AA Mechanic Sentenced For Attempting To Destroy An Aircraft (Why would he do that? Do you believe him?) and much more.

  • Volume 16, Issue 5 - Human Factors Training: Why The Stigma? (Great Article) NTSB Investigation of the Kobe Bryant Sikorsky Helicopter Crash (Behind the scene insiders look) Investigators release final Emirates 777 crash-landing report (Pilot error?) and much more.

  • Volume 16, Issue 4 - Audit: FAA has not effectively overseen Southwest Airlines' SMS (Why would this happen?) Fatigue contributes to gear up landing (Fatigue - a problem) 2019 Report on Myths & Realities of Fatigue: What is Fatigue Costing your Company? (Myths and reality of fatigue) and much more.

  • Volume 16, Issue 3 - European Plan for Aviation Safety 2020 – 2024 (4 year plan for Safety) No Surprises (How to exercise good Risk Management) Safety Differently, by Learning from the Good (Let's look at what is going right) and much more.

  • Volume 16, Issue 2 - January GAJSC Safety Topic (Distractions and Interruptions) Lion Air Accident Report Analysis (What happened?) Baggage handler's serious injury lands fine (Why did the Company not mitigate ther isk?) and much more.

  • Volume 16, Issue 1 - Human Factors training is just common sense... Or is it? (Let's start the year with a fantatic article by our own Father of the Dirty Dozen) The Human Factors Ladder Still Needs To Extend Higher (We need to see more Management involvement) Timely Air Taxi Safety Investigation from Our Neighbor to the North (Very insightful! - Go Canada!) and much more.


  • Volume 15, Issue 25 - Vectors for Safety Mid-Month Update (Safety is the best gift of all) WA fully electric aircraft has just made its first commercial flight (History in the making) FLIGHT ATTENDANT AVERTS ‘POTENTIAL DISASTER’ AFTER SPOTTING ICE ON AIRCRAFT WINGS (She was assertive enough to speak up!) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 24 - Lost Information, Unaddressed Issues and More Failures of the NTSC Final Lion Air Flight 610 Report(Very interesting) When Do Whistleblower Protections Apply?(Another great article from John Goglia) Pilots who fly your holiday packages want the same rest rules as the pilots who fly you to grandma’s (Love it!) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 23 - Flight Safety Detectives (Worth the read) Just Culture—Are We There Yet? (It's a must) CTeamsters Support Safe Aircraft Maintenance Standards Act (Let's work together for Safety) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 22 - In Focusing On What Pilots Do Wrong, We May Be Missing Valuable Lessons From What They Quietly Do Right (Let's talk about the positive!) EASA To Add Human Factors to Rotor Certification (So Awesome! ) Airport worker who fueled Tampa surgeon’s plane before deadly crash had just been hired (Again, how could this happen?) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 21 - FAA Aviation MX Human Factors Quarterly (Always worth the read) Two Former NTSB Experts Create the “Flight Safety Detectives” Podcast (So Awesome! ) Criminal Charges Brought Against Aeroflot SJ100 Crash Pilot (Do you agree with this decision?) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 20 - Air filter found displaced in fatal Livingston County plane crash (The Mechanic was onboard) Tips for that first flight after maintenance (Many people don't know, do you?) Plane crash in Havana was due to “chain of errors” (Human Error stricks again!) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 19 - Free Human Factors Training (Worth a look) The Little Things (Little things can become the Big things) East Bay Congressman introduces airport safety bill with aviation hero's support (It's Human Factors...) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 18 - UA 232’s Al Haynes Dies At 87 (RIP my friend) The Little Things (Little things can become the Big things) East Bay Congressman introduces airport safety bill with aviation hero's support (It's Human Factors...) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 17 - Study uncovers some factors that might affect the amount and quality of airline pilots’ in-flight sleep(Very interesting study) Wrong flap settings fatal for CFI (What went wrong?) East Bay Congressman introduces airport safety bill with aviation hero's support (It's Human Factors...) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 16 - SpiceJet engineer killed during aircraft maintenance working without supervision: DGCA panel (Was it Lack of Knowledge) Renewed calls for child safety on airplanes, 30 years after flight from Denver crashed (It only took 30 years) Flight 73 pilots ignored alerts in fatal Air Niugini crash, report finds (The big question is why would they do that?) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 15 - FAA Safety Briefing Focuses on Aviation Safety Culture (Safety culture is so important!) DGCA to conduct inquiry, take action in death of Spicejet technician at Kolkata airport (Was it a Human Error?) New research highlights why sleep loss poses an insidious threat to flight safety (Fatigue is a Safety threat) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 14 - NTSB Faults Pilots “Mismanagement” in Asiana Flight (What contributed to this accident?) Maintenance error leads to oil leak (It was JUST the wrong size) CA quarter of all pilots at aviation safety conference
    admit to falling asleep on the job
    (Fatigue is a big issue to all humans) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 13 - Cognitive psychology research suggests pilots could be learning the wrong lessons from close-calls! (Very Interesting!) Crew Age, Experience Gap Cited In Taxiway Accident (Sometimes younger FO's know more... ) Cuba: Crash of Global Air Boeing 737-200 at Havana due to errors in weight and balance calculations (18 May 2018) (How could they miscalculate?) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 12 - Presidential Message on Aviation Maintenance Technician Day (Honoring Charles Edward Taylor) Flashlight found in tail cone of plane that crashed in Ellis County, safety board says (A Human Error) Safety Initiative Launched To Improve Compliance With Procedures (Shouldn't we ALWAYS compley?) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 11 - Most Valued Insurance Policy Ever! (What could it be?) Crew Age, Experience Gap Cited In Taxiway Accident (Sometimes younger FO's know more... ) Cuba: Crash of Global Air Boeing 737-200 at Havana due to errors in weight and balance calculations (18 May 2018) (How could they miscalculate?) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 10 - Ground Worker Killed Towing Boeing 777 (Towing aircraft can be dangerous...) Trust Without the Verify (You must verify the work...) Airplanes Crash for a Reason (Using the Swiss Cheese model to explain...) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 9 - 6 aviation claims trends to watch (Interesting...) NTSB: Chopper that malfunctioned in Destin lacked a
    (What went wrong?) Sea-Tac Airport Sees Increase in Ramp Accidents (Human Errors are still happening) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 8 - What the Experts Want to Know (Dr. Bill Johnson - need I say more?) Inadequate maintenance fatal for Piper pilot (Unbelievable) How three deadly Pan Am plane crashes in nine months changed airline’s safety culture (Human Errors can still happen) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 7 - Max Grounding Raises Questions about Int'l Cooperation (Another fantastic article from John Goglia) MAINTENANCE ERROR LEAVES JETSTAR PLANE WITHOUT THRUST REVERSERS (Pressure) Automation of Planes Began 9 Years After the Wright Bros Took Flight—But It Still Leads to Baffling Disasters (Human Errors can still happen) and much more.
  • Volume 15, Issue 6 - Air Force Won't Accept Any More Boeing Tankers Until Manufacturing Process Is Cleaned Up (FOD) Pilot walks into spinning propt (Why would he do that?) Screwdriver left on plane’s windshield hits prop blade (What Safety nets could be put in place to make sure this never happens again?) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 5 - Recommit to Addressing Your Human Error (Dr. Bill Johnson asks us to recommit to Human Error) Episode 17: Emergency Response | AIN's Tales from the Flight Deck Podcast (Will you be Mentally Prepared?) The Psychology of an Unstable Approach (Risk Mitigation) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 4 - The Effect of Human Factors in East Asia (Cultural Factors) Significant Equipment Failures Call for an Emergency Landing (John Goglia) Study suggests it is common for airline pilots work in spite feeling tired, fatigued or unfit to fly (Fatigue is still a problem) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 3 - FAA Aviation MX Human Factors Quarterly, December Issue (Dr. Bill Johnson - take a read) Improper maintenance leads to forced landing (But he knew to do it correctly!) Still Looking for a Safety New Year’s Resolution? How About Prioritizing More Sleep! (Fatigue is still a problem) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 2 - 37 years ago: The horror and heroism of Air Florida Flight 90 (It doesn't matter how old the accident is, we can still learn from it) Aviation Safety Network Publishes 2018 Accident Statistics (Loss of control is still the biggest killer in aviation) ACCIDENT CASE STUDY BLIND OVER BAKERSFIELD (Weather) and much more.

  • Volume 15, Issue 1 - Human Factors training is just common sense... Or is it? (Let's start the year with a fantatic article by our own Father of the Dirty Dozen) AirSafe.com's annual airline safety and security review for 2018 (Interesting read) NTSB: FAULTY FUEL GAUGE, WASP NEST FACTORS IN PAIR OF RECENT PLANE CRASHES (Could these have been prevented?6+) and much more.


  • Volume 14, Issue 24 - Follow Procedures Training Launched: Now Your Work Begins (By Dr. Bill Johnson) New surveillance techniques for drones (New Safety Requirements) Canada introduces new regulations on flight crew fatigue management (Take a read...) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 23 - Investigators Say Cracks That Caused SWA Engine Failure Developed Over Years (How could they miss these cracks?) Aircraft Accident Report AAR 2/2018 - C-FWGH, 21July 201 7(An incorrect OAT was entered... Why?) Lawsuit: Drill bit left during repair caused Cessna crash (But we know the drill bit doesn't belong there...) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 22 - FAA’s Bill Johnson Receives FSF-Airbus Human Factors in Aviation Safety Award (Congratulations Dr. Bill Johnson!) The deadly Portland plane crash that changed airline industry (We learn from the mistakes of others) Pilots are not high-flyers when it comes to English proficiency (Interesting - lack of communication?) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 21 - Our Subtle Safety Enemy: “Drift” (Do you Drift?) Error during assembly of P&W engine led to GoAir
    (Misinterpretation of the MEL) Airport Workers Deserve a Living Wage (Another fantastic article by Mr. John Goglia) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 20 - National Safety Forum Examines Human Factors Behind Aviation Accidents” (Let's make our industry Safer) Commitment vs. Compliance: How to get your team from “I have to do it” to “I want do it!” (Create a Culture...) Safety officials want faster reporting of aviation incidents (Faster reporting will help everyone) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 19 - FAA Aviation MX Human Factors Quarterly Newsletter (Thank you Dr. Bill Johnson) Scott Shappell Improves Safety by Factoring in the Human Element (So very important) Pilots’ post-traumatic stress disorder implicated in fatal aviation accidents (Stress?) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 18 - Memorial unveiled to remember those who died in Manchester Air Disaster (This lead to new Safety rules) NTSB Cites Corrosion In FedEx Accident (Why did they not do the inspection?) 'Stressed, Weeping' Pilot Caused Deadly Nepal Plane Crash: Probe Report (Dirty Dozen strick again!) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 17 - Safety Management System (Written by the Father of the Dirty Dozen) Implementing a Fatigue Management Program: A Human Factors Dimension to Your SMS (So very important) Better pilot decision-making (How do we achieve this?) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 16 - Distraction Kills (#4 of the Dirty Dozen) Fly the Aircraft First (ALWAYS, ALWAYS fly the Aircraft first) Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 returns to Brisbane Airport, reportedly with two pitot tubes still covered (How could this happen?) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 15 - Your Certificate May Be On the Line for What You Don’t Record (Written communication is just as important as verbal) Ground crew to blame for fiery plane collision at Pearson in January, TSB says (Ground Crew are humans too!) Research Explores the Human Side of Autonomous Driving (This is very interesting to read...) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 14 - Achieving Extreme Professionalism In Aviation (Professionalism in our profession is so very important) Psychology at Root of Procedural Lapses (Why do we not just follow the precedures?) Fatigue Crack Causes British Airways Engine Fire (Again, procedures were not followed) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 13 - You Are What You Think (How very true this is) Beware Aviation’s Accident Record (Everything John Goglia writes is amazing) NSC Survey Finds 90 Percent of Employers Negatively Impacted by Employee Fatigue (The title says it all) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 12 - Report: Failure Of Two-Inch Bolt Caused Fatal Japanese AH-64 Crash (Why did this happen?) U.S. Navy: Where are the Supervisors? (Insteresting read about accountability) Chaos at 34,000 Feet (REad how the chaos unfolded!) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 11 - Chinese airliner makes emergency landing after cockpit window falls out nearly sucking co-pilot out of cabin (Why don't they listen?) Wrong Hash Line (No place for complacency) Scientists Examine Why Some Pilots Thrive Under Pressure, and Some Crack (Very interesting!) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 10 - Just Culture Stories: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Another fantastic article from Dr. Bill Johnson) Supporting the Industry on Maintenance Investigation: Boeing MEDA in the Last Decade (Do you use MEDA?) Accidents that changed aviation: Improving cockpit communication (Worth the listen) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 9 - After SWA 1380, is it time for deep human factors study of emergencies? (Good idea?) Worker Fatigue: The Iceberg Effect (Fatigue management is so important) Falling off an Aircraft (What fell off?) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 8 - Pilots Warned of Safety Concerns Before NYC Helicopter Crash (Why don't they listen?) FBI Offers Reward for Capture of Fugitive Mechanic in ValuJet Crash (On the run) Human Factor Extra: Top-of-Descent Landing
    (Worth the listen) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 7 - Safety Managment vs. Safety Leadership (A good Safety Culter is a must) Human Factor Extra: Top-of-Descent Landing Assessment (Listen to the Podcast) How to Tell the Human Factors Story Using Accidents and Events (Dr. Bill Johnson) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 6 - Implementing a Fatigue Management Program: A Human Factors Dimension to Your SMS (It's a must in a true Safety culture) Jetstar Ramp Worker Leaves Clipboard On Engine Cowling (Many links were forming...) PILOT INEXPERIENCE, UNSTABLE APPROACH CITED IN FATAL MU-2B CRASH (Lack of Knowledge) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 5 - AIN’s The Human Factor, Episode 11: Takeoff and Landing Assessments (Listen to the Podcast) Aviation industry mechanics retiring faster than they are being replaced, report says (Are we being overworked?) NTSB: Maintenance issues led to Pearl Harbor helicopter crash (What interfered with the mechanics judgement at that critical moment?) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 4 - FAA Aviation MX Human Factors Quarterly - 3 new issues (Dr. Bill Johnson) Train Crash Investigation Yields Bizarre Findings (Worth the read) Channel W5 investigation: Startling number of pilots report routinely falling asleep in the skies (Fatigue stricks again!) and much more

  • Volume 14, Issue 3 - 'Hangar Rash' Can Mask a Serious Problem (Another fantastic ariticle from John Goglia) Success Is Enemy of Aviation Safety (Complacency) Luggage-grabbing flyers ignoring airline safety pleas (Why don't people just follow the rules?) and much more
  • Volume 14, Issue 2 - We must protect aviation safety culture, say pilots on crash anniversary (A Safety Culture is so important?) THE REAL REASON TO CALL CREW IF YOUR PHONE FALLS BETWEEN PLANE SEATS (For your Safety and that of others) IBAC To Sponsor Fatigue Webinar (Take advantage of this important opportunity) and much more.

  • Volume 14, Issue 1 - 2017 was the safest year in aviation history; though caution urged on remarkable figures continuing(Can we do more?) Tool bag may have caused Ontario helicopter crash that killed 4: Transportation Safety Board (How could this happen?) NTSB: FAULTY FUEL GAUGE, WASP NEST FACTORS IN PAIR OF RECENT PLANE CRASHES (Could these have been prevented?6+) and much more.


  • Volume 13, Issue 26 - System Safety Services Christmas Message (A must view!) Ryanair culture ‘gone very miserable’, says airline executiven (What type of Culture do they have?) Human Error Blamed for CH-53 Window That Fell on Playground: Probe (Human Error!) and much more.
  • Volume 13, Issue 25 - NM firm helps airline maintenance industry go paperless (Good idea or not?) Air Force Thunderbirds commander removed over loss of confidence (He didn't possess the same Risk Management skills) Miscommunication cited in Super Hornet crash (Lack of Communication stricks again) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 24 - FedEx worker killed in accident at Memphis hub (4th time this has happened! Why?) US probing additional runway incidents in San Francisco (Both incidents happened at night) What is the "Right Stuff" for Aviation Maintenance Professionals? (Dr. Bill Johnson) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 22 - Beware of the Invisible Horses (Norms?!) Blind to the Big Red Flag (It was just routine...) Language Plays a Greater Role in Aviation Accidents Than the Industry May Realize (Lack of communication) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 21 - Irrefutable Truth (Accidents happen all the time) Here's Why Flying Is the Safest Mode of transportation (Don't let your fear of flying stop you) Why is it ALWAYS the Pilot’s Fault? (Why?) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 20 - Resilience When You Need It (Another great article by Gordon Dupont) Lessons Learned From Aircraft Maintenance for Patient Safety During Major Repair and Replacement (Dr. Bill Johnson does it again) NTSB News - Report on LaGuardia Airport Incident Pilot Actions, Decision Making, "Lack of Command Authority" Led to New York LaGuardia Runway Excursion (Why?) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 19 - Irrefutable Truth (Accidents happen all the time) Here's Why Flying Is the Safest Mode of transportation (Don't let your fear of flying stop you) Why is it ALWAYS the Pilot’s Fault? (Why?) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 18 - EasyJet A320 damaged after chocks prematurely removed (Lack of communication was one problem) AIN’s The Human Factor Episode 02: Flying into a Thunderstorm, Part 2 (Make sure you listen to Part 1 first!) Why is it ALWAYS the Pilot’s Fault? (Why?) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 17 - Irrefutable Truth (Accidents happen all the time) Here's Why Flying Is the Safest Mode of transportation (Don't let your fear of flying stop you) Aviation Accident Rates Improve, but Pilot Errors Persist (Why?) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 16 - AIN’s Human Factor Podcast (Awesome!) Lack of Resources (Another great article by our Gordon Dupont) “I Killed a Man” (Please read and pass it along) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 15 - American Airlines mechanic celebrates 75 years on the job (Great story) Lighting should have alerted pilots of potential disaster (A rookie mistake) Textile technology could monitor cockpit crew stresss (Can stress really be monitored?) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 14 - Professionalism, Integrity and Videotape (Worth the read) Ex-Avantair DOM Sentenced for Obstructing NTSB, FAA (National Safety Month is focused on reducing the leading causes of injuries and deaths) From curry powder to coin-thrower to dirty dancer: Weird reasons for flight delays (Very, very interesting) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 13 - FlySafe – Startle Response (Be Prepared!) New: Human Factors Training for Pilots (Risk should be as low as practible) Feith Urges Flight Attendants To Stress Safety Mission (Flight Attendants are human too!) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 12 - Stockport air disaster: The holiday flight that ended in catastrophe (This happened in 1967 but we can still learn from it) National Safety Month 2017: Falls, Fatigue, Ergonomics, and More (National Safety Month is focused on reducing the leading causes of injuries and deaths) Learjet Fatal Occurred in a Circling Approach (Why?) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 11 - Court Rules Drone Hobbyists Don’t Have To Register With FAA (what do you think?) FAA defends response to Allegiant 2015 rudder jam (Would you defend the response?) Why Airline Pilots Can't Chit Chat Below 10,000 Feet (Silence is Golden) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 10 - Homegrown Human Factors Training: No FAA Speaker Required (Another great article from Dr. Bill Johnson) NTSB Cites “Company Culture” In Fatal Crash (A good Safety culture can make all the difference!) Training to “Startle” (Brain training is important!) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 9 - Distractions (Writen by our own Gordon Dupont) FAA Issues Study on UAS Human Collision Hazards (This is an interesting article!) PILOT FATIGUE (Take a read, you might just learn something) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 8 - Got Safety Culture? (Well do you?) The 10 Factors of Risk Tolerance (This is a great article!) The Do’s of Airport Ramp Safety (Great list!) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 7 - How Disasters Happen (Fear of the consequences) Jammed elevator cited as factor in Ameristar MD-83
    (What happened?) Former Avantair Mx Director Pleads Guilty to Tampering (Why oh why?) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 6 - Crashed Dana MD-83 crew feared reprisal over emergency (Fear of the consequences) TOP 10 ARRIERS TO REPORTING NEAR-MISSES (Why don't we report? ) Dassault Introduces 3D Virtual Maintenance Training (Sim training for mechanics?) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 5 - What the Fire Service can Learn from the Aviation Industry (ALOT) Improper installation of oil filter adapter brings down Bellanca (Why was it installed incorrectly?) Airline safety questioned: Six out of 10 Pilots are falling
    asleep in Europe
    (A Fatigue Risk Management System) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 4 - Human Factors and the A&P Tech (FAA) Compressor Failure Caused Helicopter Crash (Compressor Failure Caused Helicopter Crash) FAA SAFETY BRIEFING (Self-Analazing Risk) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 3 - FAA’s Aviation MX Human Factors Quarterly (Dr. Bill Johnson) 60 years later, a plane crash and a jail prove ‘a blessing’ for one survivor (Worth the read) Airline Pilot Is Third Most Stressful Job You Can Have (Stressful!!!!!) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 2 - Investigators: EgyptAir fire, crash may have been caused by overheating cellphone (A cell phone?) Drunk Pilot Prompts Safety Workshop (We have to learn from our mistakes) Maximizing the Benefit: Applying Risk Management
    Tools to Achieve Operational Excellence
    (Evaulating Risk is so very important) and much more.

  • Volume 13, Issue 1 - NATA Asks FAA To Hold Off On Mx Human-factors Guidance (Interesting) DUTCH PILOTS ASSOC. WORRIED ABOUT AVIATION SAFETY IN BUDGET CULTURE (58% are suffering from Fatigue) NTSB To Examine Flight Recorder From Eastern Airlines Flight 980 (Accident from 1985) and much more.


  • Volume 12, Issue 25 - Airline pilot wins major legal victory on fatigue (Fantastic..) USC Viterbi Students find a common thread between two tragic flights (Human Factors?) Missing 1-2 Hours of Sleep Doubles Crash Risk (Believe it!)

  • Volume 12, Issue 24 - 2016 IS ACTUALLY SET TO BE ONE OF THE SAFEST YEARS IN AVIATION HISTORY. (Excellent however it can always be better!) Crashed Avro operated without mandatory fuel reserves: Aerocivil (But why?) Pilot error led Osprey to crash onto ship (Human Error again)

  • Volume 12, Issue 23 - Report: Cable error caused fatal airplane crash in Spokane River (It was said the mechanics were working under PRESSURE) Complacency in the Cockpit (An ariticle by Ton Hold Off On Mx Human-factors
    (y Kern)
    Improving In-flight Communications (Communication is so very important!)

  • Volume 12, Issue 22 - Dramatic GE engine explosion on Boeing 767 poses puzzle for investigators (A new risk?) Is Your Safety Policy Truthful? (Is it?) Millions Fall Asleep Behind the Wheel According to NSF’s Sleep Health Index (Drivers are human too!)

  • Volume 12, Issue 21 - Why Safety Deserves a Capital “S” (Another fantastic ariticle written by our own Gordon Dupont) Is Your Safety Policy Truthful? (Is it?) Paperless Maintenance Introduced at all Lufthansa Technik Maintenance Sites in Germany (Can a system really be 100% paperless?)

  • Volume 12, Issue 20 - Fatal consequences of miscommunication between pilots and air traffic controllers (Another one of the Dirty Dozen at work) Air Traffic Controllers And Pilots Can Now Communicate Electronically (Interesting!) FAA: Shift away from enforcement mindset enhances Safety (Safety is very important!)

  • Volume 12, Issue 19 - Complacency (Another fantastic ariticle written by our own Gordon Dupont) NBAA Report: Flight Crews Skip Checks (Why would they do that?) Bizjet Ground-handling Mishaps Overshadow Accidents (Ground handlers are human too!)

  • Volume 12, Issue 18 - Navy Report: Blue Angels Pilot Flew Too Low, Fast (Fatigue played a role) Passenger planes at Gatwick Airport in near miss 'when air traffic controller forgot to check his radar screen' (What would cause him to forget?) US Air Force researchers to identify root cause for crack formations in aircraft (Finding the root cause is VERY important!)

  • Volume 12, Issue 17 - Participation Requested (Can you help out?) 5 Lapses By Pilots Led to Death of Air India Technician, Investigators Conclude (So sad and preventable) FAA FORECAST: 600,000 COMMERCIAL DRONES WITHIN THE YEAR (New Safety rules a must)

  • Volume 12, Issue 16 - Get Ready for the New Small Drone Rule! (Great idea!) 5 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE: BREAKING THE ACCIDENT CHAIN POST-FLIGHT INSPECTIONS (We all need some self awareness)The Companies That Teach Their Employees How To Sleep (Fatigue is such a problem and this is a solution)

  • Volume 12, Issue 15 - Human Error the Greatest Threat to Aviation Safety (It is so true!) Pilots' Federation Calls for 'Just Culture,' Fatigue Management (A Just culture is a must if we are going to reduce errors) Is Fatigue Factor Fiction? (Yes, it's a real problem!)

  • Volume 12, Issue 14 - Chile issues report on Airbus A319 loss of engine cowlings incident (How could the lock on the cowling be missed during the walk around?) 5 Tips for a Top-Notch Maintenance Team (We like #3) Enthusiasm is Contagious (Enthusiasm spreads quickly)

  • Volume 12, Issue 13 - New SMS Calls for Trusted Human Factors Sources (SMS has raised the awareness toward human factors) Factors that influence Risk Acceptence (You'll see many human factors here) The 10 Factors of Risk Tolerence (More human factors...) and much more.

  • Volume 12, Issue 12 - AC Is Not Good Substitute for Maintenance Fatigue Rule (if it's not mandatory, I don't need to compley, right? NTSB: Pilot Error Caused 2014 Phenom Crash (Never rely on JUST your memory) Mechanical issue brings down Aventura (How could he miss tightening a fuel line?) and much more.

  • Volume 12, Issue 11 - Callback (Why do mechanics cut corners?) Feds blame pilot error, lack of oversight in Marine's
    (You'll see many human factors here) When National Culture Supersedes Safety Culture (Bad news is coming...) and much more.

  • Volume 12, Issue 10 - New SMS Calls for Trusted Human Factors Sources (SMS has raised the awareness toward human factors) Factors that influence Risk Acceptence (You'll see many human factors here) The 10 Factors of Risk Tolerence (More human factors...) and much more.

  • Volume 12, Issue 9 - Engine fire in FIFO plane caused by inadequate repairs, ATSB finds (Why did this happen?) Records show small but still alarming number of pilots fly under the influence (We know better so why do we still do it?) Safety Culture Part 2 (Written by our own Gordon Dupont) and much more.

  • Volume 12, Issue 8 - Safety Culture (What is a Safety Culture? Do you work in one?) Airlines to share Safety ideas with auto makers (We can all learn from each other) Snoozing FedEx Employee Takes Unexpected Trip (Watch where you take a nap?) and much more.

  • Volume 12, Issue 7 - FAA’s Aviation MX Human Factors Quarterly (A must read) AAIB: GIII Pilots Mistook Edge Lights for Centerline (Human Error) Hallmarks of Aviation Safety Remain Education and Individual Responsibility (We must take responsibility for ourselves?) and much more.

  • Volume 12, Issue 6 - Ethiopian Airlines 787 Nose Gear Collapses at the Gate (Early thoughts point to Human Error) Two airport workers hospitalized after Iron Maiden's plane Ed Force One crashes into tow truck in Chile (What happened?) Flight safety must keep up with technology (Safety is an ongoing initiative) and much more.

  • Volume 12, Issue 5 - The Ultimate guide to preventing Human Error Aviation (A new book) FAA Proposes $275,000 Civil Penalty Against Atlas Airlines (Why would the make they decision they did?) Pilot Error Blamed for 2014 Botched US Airways
    Takeoff, NTSB Says
    (Why?) and much more.

  • Volume 12, Issue 4 - Chief Pilot: Working for the Largest Jet Airline in the World (The personal touch) “It could never happen to me” (This is great!) When 3 out of 4 is bad (Oh no!) and much more.

  • Volume 12, Issue 3 - Pilots blamed for TransAsia Airways crash on Taiwan island (The holes lined up...) QF32 pilot recognized for aviation Safety (Teamwork) Airlines aren't learning enough from near misses (Why? What can they do to improve?) and much more.

  • Volume 12, Issue 2 - Fatigue, Distractions, And LOC Accidents Make NTSB Most Wanted List (What's #1?) Ghastly Accident at Air India Highlights Importance of Worker Safety | John Goglia (Another fantastic articile from John Goglia) Safety Culture…Continuous Nurturing Required (It takes constant vigilance) and much more.

  • Volume 12, Issue 1 - Airline Safety Record Improved In 2015 (However, we can still get even Safer) Factors in Aviation Maintenance (Overview of the Dirty Dozen) Lawsuit Blames Sikorsky, Other Contractors, for Death of Sailors in 2014 Sea Dragon Helicopter Crash (Was it Lack of Knowledge? or?) and much more.


  • Volume 11, Issue 24 - Maintenance lapse caused fire in IndiGo flight last year: DGCA (Did he do it on purpose? No, then why?) Cocktail in the cockpit (Not a good idea) Drug Errors During Surgery (Doctors are human too and can make the same human errors as anyone else!) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 23 - Maintenance lapse caused fire in IndiGo flight last year: DGCA (Did he do it on purpose? No, then why?) Cocktail in the cockpit (Not a good idea) Drug Errors During Surgery (Doctors are human too and can make the same human errors as anyone else!) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 22 - FAA Aviation MX Human Factors Vol 3, Issue 3 (A document worth reading!) Lack of Communication (Written by our own Gordon Dupont) ‘WATCH exclusive documentary: Diverted: TWA 514 (Have you seen this? If not, you must see it!) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 21 - Human Factors Are Important to Aircraft Certification (Human Factors are awesome!) Scientists develop quick way for pilots to detect hypoxia symptoms (Amazing) ‘Virgin 747 gear jammed after actuator fitted upside down (How could this happen?) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 20 - Stress, Pressure and Fatigue aka the Aggravators (A document worth reading!) Of Maintenance and Fatigue - John Goglia (Fatigue) ‘AIRLINE PILOTS ADMIT THEIR MINDS WANDER (How do we get around this?) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 19 - Fate of MH17 puts spotlight on tension between aviation safety and commercial profits (What would the Safety culture be in such an environment!) The 18 Inch Rule (What is this all about? - take a read) ‘Exhausted’ pilots pen letter to employer about safety concerns (They had the assertivness to speak up) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 18 - The evolution of aviation safety (Steady decline of accidents...) Awake at the Helm (Sleep deprevation is a problem) Routine Manual Deviations Can Have Major Safety Consequences (Is it a Norm?) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 17 - Could this Maintenance Accident Happen to You? - John Goglia (Well worth the read!) Pilots frustrated by delays on fatigue rules (Why does something this important take so long?) NTSB: Carburetor Cited In Harrison Ford Accident (Lack of knowledge?) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 16 - Fatigue 'probably contributed' to Heathrow A319 engine incident (Fatigue again!) NTSB: Company Should Have Prepared for Human Error (No systems in place) Picture This! (OMG, how stupid can us humans be?) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 15 - Norms – Unwritten rules that are dictated and followed by the majority of a groupy (another fantastic article written by our Gordon Dupont) Fatigue, sickness involved in botched Qantas A330 approach (What can we do about fatigue?) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical U MOOC To Investigate Aviation (Sounds like a fantastic course) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 14 - Safety Standdown Puts Focus on Distraction in Aviation (Distraction - responsible for 15% of Aviation accidents) Taiwan pilot in February TransAsia crash described as hasty (Was it pressure?) 5 Creative Ways To Prevent Employees Burning Out (There needs to be a happy medium between work/home) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 13 - Safety Management System (SMS) Survey (please take part) MWrong POH, fuel exhaustion bring down Pipistrel (Human Error stricks again) Before you hit the road: Hit the “Off” Switch (Distracted Drivers - not a good thing) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 12 - A Just Culture – The Foundation of Any Successful Safety Management System (A must read by our own Gordon Dupont) Man Fatally Injured By Propeller In Alaska (Distraction) Pilots and Mechanics Must Communicate after Critical Maintenance (Communication is so very important) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 11 - U.S. safety agency urges pilots to avoid distracted flying (Distraction is an all too common occurrence) TAN ARRAY OF ASSUMPTIONS - ASRS CALLBACK (Never assume!) A dangerous attitude (We cover attitude in Part II) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 10 - Aviation Africa: Emirates highlights why it focuses on human factors (Human Factors training is a MUST in today's busy world) The hazardous attitude of resignation (Was it due to pressure?) In Night Shift Workers, Insomnia Linked to Impaired Work Performance (Fatigue again!) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 9 - Why Don’t We Just Follow the Rules? (Fantastic articule written by our own Gordon Dupont) NTSB Releases Video Safety Alert on Importance of Preflight Checks to Catch Flight Control Problems (Maintenance are human too and can make mistakes) 'Human Factor' A Probable Cause In MH370, Experienced Aerobatic Pilot Says (You decide...) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 8 - France's ISAE studies reasons for pilot error (Could it be Human Error?) JTale of worker asleep in cargo hold is a warning (Fatigue Managment System could be an answer?) Sea-Tac Ramp Agent Paralyzed In Accident Awarded
    $40 Million Judgment
    (A Safe working environment?) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 7 - FAA’s Aviation MX Human Factors Quarterly Newsletter: March 2015, Vol 3, Issue 1 (Worth the read...) Unreliable humans are the last major problem of aviation security Very interesting!) FAA Needs to Focus On Maintenance Issues Raised by Mechanics (What are the issues?) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 6 - A Poisoned Safety Culture (Do you have a poisoned Safety Culter?) Navy: Repairs of Sea Dragons Didn't Always Follow Rules (But why?) TED: Ideas Worth Spreading (We need to take care of our emotional being as well!) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 5 - Vectors For Safety (So many accidents happen for the same reason) Just Culture needs Industry Co-operation: Skidmore (Everyone MUST be involved) Bahamas Cites Poor Decisions by Crew as Cause of Plane Crash (Why would they make these decisions?) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 4 - Southwest Airlines Settles Whistleblower Suit By Mechanic Disciplined For Reporting Cracks in 7373 (Isn't that his job?) Investigators: Human error caused Idaho Guard helo crash (Human Error) DNTSB: Selfies might have led to fatal Colo. plane crash (Lack of Awareness) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 3 - Flying got much safer in 2013 (However, we can still get even Safer) DA: Man's death on Logan tarmac was an accident (Human Error) Don’t Bother Me with the Facts! - FAA Safety Team (Worth a Read) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 2 - FAA to require airlines use data analysis to spot safety trends, prevent accidents (Time to be Proactive instead of reactive) OSHA Orders Pilot to be Reinstated after Being Illegally Fired (and rightly so!) Program on forced landing survival skills offered (You MUST be mentally prepared for anything and everything) and much more.

  • Volume 11, Issue 1 - Flying got much safer in 2013 (However, we can still get even Safer) DA: Man's death on Logan tarmac was an accident (Human Error) Don’t Bother Me with the Facts! - FAA Safety Team (Worth a Read) and much more.


  • Volume 10, Issue 26 - Human Factors training is just common sense... Or is it? (Written by our own Mr. Gordon Dupont!) Most plane accidents happen while still at airports (WHAT?) Complacency Revisited (Let's look at the Management and Complacency) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 25 - NTSB blames bad battery design—and bad management—in Boeing 787 fires (When all the holes line up, we have a major problem!) Report Cites Human Error in 2013 Lao Air Tragedy (Three errors; pilot error, system error, and equipment error.) Look at How Far We've Come (Dr. Bill Johnson - fantastic article) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 24 - Cargo Pilots Say Fatigue Leading To Big Danger Below (Cargo pilots doen't have the same fatigue rules as passanger pilots - why?) Man Pleads Guilty To Fraud Over Helicopter Weights (Is this reckless behaviour? You decide!) Take the Fight to the Enemy: Combating Human Error is Still Our Top Challenge (Tony Kern - well worth the read) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 23 - Bombardier Safety Standdown 2014 (Attention and Distration took center stage) Virgin faulted for safety precautions (The Human Error) FNTSB Cites 'Punitive Culture' In 2013 Alaska Crash (Inadequate Safety Managment) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 22 - Safety is the heartbeat of the aviation industry: Lufthansa (And so it should be!) Russia Air Safety Record Near Bottom of Global League (Why? Weak Regulations or?) NTSB: Pilot Error Caused Fatal Jet Crash (Fatigue was only one of the many factors) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 21 - AF Celebrates 'Best' Year in Aviation Safety (Congratulations but remember we can ALWAYS improve!) Pilots, others can learn to increase attention span, says safety expert (Distractions increase risk to aviation Safety) FAA’s $425,000 Civil Penalty against Gulfstream: Message to Mechanics by John Goglia (Expired human factors, what is going on?) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 20 - NTSB report on Birmingham UPS cargo jet crash shows probable cause of crash (Fatigue, Lack of comunnication among the many contributing factors) ACT A300's gear collapse traced to undetected fatigue (What were the Human Factors present?) 4 Food Mistakes Ruining Your Good Night's Sleep (Make sure you take a read of this!) and much more.
  • Volume 10, Issue 19 - Overcoming Temptation (Read about violation producing conditions) Remembering Flight 427: Hopewell disaster “changed aviation history” (Were there any Human Factors present?) Teen who cut Boeing 767 wires to get back at his boss avoids jail term (Was he bulletproof or reckless?) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 18 - Lion Air crew castigated in Bali crash final report (Lack of Awareness and many other factors) DGCA, SpiceJet turned blind eye to repeated lapses by senior pilot (Was it a norm?) Flying Under the Influence of Fatigue (Excellent Article on Fatigue) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 17 - Death of LAX Airport Worker Leads to Cal/OSHA Citations (Could a SMS have helped?) UPS Pilots Fight FAA Regulations After Fatigue Crash (Fatigue again!) Probe faults pilots and controller for 2013 Alaska crash (Lake of Awareness) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 16 - FAA Proposes $110,000 Civil Penalty Against Air Evac EMS (What do you think?) Factors That Led To Risk Of Collision For An Aircraft Landing At Toronto's Lester B. Pearson Airport In March 2013 (What were the Human Factors that led to this?) Boeing Forecasts Rising Demand for Commercial Pilots and Technicians (Get into Aviation!) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 15 - First aviation mechanic display added to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force (I think this is awesome!) Namibia: Taking Photos Caused Plane Crash (Distraction) Most Common Major Stressful Event? Health. And That Impacts Sleep (Fatigue!) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 14 - The Aggravators (too much stress, pressure and / or fatigue) NTSB: Plane's Controls Reversed in Deadly Merrill Field Crash (What happened with the machanic for him to do that?) FAA Safety Team Maintenance Safety Tip-1404 (Great Tip) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 13 - NTSB Opens Asiana Crash Hearing (Human Error?) Chinese airlines get tough with pilots during World Cup (Combat Fatigue) EASA Boss Warns Against Complacency After Fatality-Free 2013 (Being Fatality free takes constant vigilance!) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 12 - Taxiing Too Fast At GA Airports Is Risky - by John Goglia (Ground Damage) Ohio woman dies after accidentally walking into plane propeller (Was it distraction? or?) Human Factors Division (Very good stuff) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 11 - CASA Resources: "Human Factors" (Very good article) NTSB Reports on 78 Agriculture Aircraft Accidents in 2013 (Fatigue is the biggest problem) ‘2009 plane crash in Kingston could have been avoided - report (Loss of Situational Awareness!) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 10 - When Pulling a Black Box Isn't the Right Thing to Do - by John Goglia (Very good article) Checklist Item Overlooked (Checklists are made by humans!) ‘Air Racers 3D’ Hits Select IMAX Theaters (Can't wait to see it!!!!) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 9 - Human Error the Greatest Threat to Aviation Safety (Human error is now the principal threat to flight safety) Mechanic Input Crucial to Success of SMS Programs by John Goglia (The new SMS posters will hopefully help with this) Fatigue Risk Management (Interesting studies and further developments) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 8 - FSF Releases New Fatigue Guidelines at annual Business Aviation Safety Summit(Fatigue is a problem) First Air pilots fired after flying plane off course during Arctic trip (Should they have been fired?) MROs have yet to embrace sharing of safety data: FAA (Sharing can and will help avoid the same errors from occuring somewhere else!) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 7 - MH370 tragedy shows no lesson learnt after Air France crash, says portal (Worth a read!) Crash of USAir Flight 5050: One Unidentified Passenger’s Story by John Goglia (Excellent Story) A Just Culture (A MUST if an SMS is going to be successful) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 6 - Beyond Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: 6 Other Planes That Disappeared (And Were Never Found) (Wow!) Air traffic controller leaves control tower unattended as Boeing 737 passenger plane comes in to land because his relief worker was late (Was it pressure? or he says frustration) The Human Factors Ladder Still Needs to Extend Higher (Great news but we can still do better) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 5 - Slow Down! The Perils of Speeding and Towing Aircraft by John Goglia (Self Pressure?) Attrition: Female Pilots Sharply Reduce Helicopter Losses (Sorry but it's true!) Human Factor Events (Worth checking out!) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 4 - Human Error the Greatest Threat to Aviation Safety (There is more to it hen just human weaknesses) Human Factors Guide for Aviation Maintenance and Inspection (This important guide can be found online) Pushback tractor hits jet at BWI (Ground Crew are human too!) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 3 - To Error is Human … But Not With Aircraft (Written by our Gordon Dupont) Lessons to learn from the fatal Cork Airport accident (Fatigue played a role!) Checklist Manifesto - Book (Excellent book - worth the read!) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 2 - Wrong-Airport Southwest Pilot Hadn't Flown to Branson (Lack of Awareness) FBO Mechanics: Critical GA Maintenance Needs Second Set of Eyes by John Goglia (A second set of eyes is needed) Survey highlights belief in improving safety standards (12 Challenges for Safety) and much more.

  • Volume 10, Issue 1 - Flying got much safer in 2013 (However, we can still get even Safer) DA: Man's death on Logan tarmac was an accident (Human Error) Don’t Bother Me with the Facts! - FAA Safety Team (Worth a Read) and much more.


  • Volume 9, Issue 24 Asiana pilot 'very stressful' prior to San Francisco crash (Stress!) Emus on runway likely cause of Cessna's outback crash landing at Honeymoon (Distraction) Bombardier Safety Standdown 2013: Creating a Safety Culture (A Safety Culture is so very important?) and much more

  • Volume 9, Issue 23 Music Human factor named most likely reason for Boeing-737 crash (It was preventable!) Call-sign confusion leads to near miss between two Boeing 737s at Oslo Airport, Norway (Communication - or the lack of) FAA to Ground Obese Pilots Until Examined for OSA, Pilots Fight for Rulemaking (Is this fair? or does that matter when it comes to Safety?) and much more

  • Volume 9, Issue 22 Music Appreciation and Maintenance Human Factors (It's an ongoing battle) When Maintenance Directions Are Subject to Interpretation by John Goglia (Communication - you must make sure the mental pictures match) Baggage Cart Wrecks Beech 1900 (Murphy always wins!) and much more

  • Volume 9, Issue 21 Airline pilot secrets (Remember there is no pressure in Aviation) Pilots forgot to shut down engines before jet-blast incident (WHY would he do that?) Airborne Screwdriver (Watch how the chain of events unravel) and much more

  • Volume 9, Issue 20 Safety Begins With Attitude (Attitude can determine how far you go in life) How did we get here? (Ever wonder that?) Russian Pilots sentenced to prison over fatal accident. (Right or wrong decision?) and much more

  • Volume 9, Issue 19 Human Factors (Let's talk about the Dirty Dozen) Citation Crash "Unsurvivable" (But it was just a tire!) Helicopter pilot dies after accident while giving rides at Pa. fair (Distraction - his hat was not worth his life.) and much more

  • Volume 9, Issue 18 Behavioral Drift Threatens Safety (Why can't they just follow the rules?) Worker Dies Just One Hour After a Near Miss (These are the free lesson! We MUST learn from them?) HNTSB Blames Pilot's Medications For Deadly 2010 Plane Crash In Tulsa - and much more

  • Volume 9, Issue 17 Wrong parts, poor maintenance caused Nelson plane crash (When will we learn?) Couple Sues Aircraft Maintenance Company After Tail Section Falls Off At 15,000 FT (Pressure to get it out ontime?) Mystery revealed behind Hercules plane crash (Lack of knowledge) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 16 WHY THE UPS CRASH IS SUCH A SHOCK? (Circadium Rythm low or?) EasyJet A320 Loses Fan Cowl After Departure (Could it be fatigue again?) Faulty Fire Extinguisher: Crossed Wires - ASRS Report (More human errors?) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 15 Plane crash that killed 2 pilots ‘a preventable accident’ (Aren't they all) FAA Sends Letter To Pilots Re: Medications (Some medications cause fatgue and other negative affects) Electronic Distractions by John Goglia (Great article) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 14 Inspections missed icing on ill-fated ATR 72 (Why?) Pinched Wire May Have Caused 787 Transmitter Fire (Human Error strickes Again?) Human brain not wired to steadily monitor automated airline cockpit systems, experts say (Now this is really interesting!) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 13 Despite improved design, human factors can mean difference between disaster or close call (Oh so true!) NTSB: Financial pressures contributed to helicopter crash (Self Pressure) Am I mentally and physically prepared to perform the task? (Fantastic Article!) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 12 Small jet runs into hangar at Chino Airport (Human Error?) Workaround at Your Own Risk by John Goglia (Norms?) Re-Timer (Too good to be true or the best thing since sliced bread?) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 11 Mixture Cable Failure May Have Caused Hawaii Helo Accident (Mechanic says he is to blame but why did he make the mistake?) Cowls missing from both engines on BA A319 (A technical fault?) The key to doing better work is to reflect on what went wrong (Let's not repeat the same mistake twice) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 10 Two Pilots Fired After Brazilian Pop Star Takes Captain's Seat Mid-Flight (WHY would you do that?) Workarounds and AD Compliance Don’t Mix By John Goglia (Incorrect procedures, incorrect paperwork, etc.) 5S in Aviation Maintenance - Part I (What are the 5 S's?) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 9 Pilot Involved In Accident Admits To Alcohol Use (WHY would you do that?) Pilots sleep as flight attendant turns off autopilot on Bangkok-Delhi flight (Fatigue or stupidity?) Stop Trying to Create a Safety Culture (Safety Cultures are nothing new) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 8 CFIT Makes a Strong Comeback, Says FSF (Crew can ignore the warnings) Pilots' texts contributed to Missouri air ambulance crash: NTSB (Is Social Media distracting?) The Working Nights Health & Safety Guide(A must read for shiftwork) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 7 Pilot Falls Out Of Airplane (What?) Out of the Ashes: The True Story of How One Man
    Turned Tragedy into a Message of Safety
    (Excellent Book) More employers setting up nap rooms for weary workers (Combating Fatigue) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 6 Air France Crash Report: Captain Had Just One Hour Of Sleep (He had the don't care attitude) Why Safety Deserves a Capital S (Ask Gordon Dupont) Human Error Management workshop (See you in Sweden!) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 5 Worker Dies After Safety Warning Falls on Deaf Ears (Lack of Knowledge) Trends in Human Factors and MRM (Why do we make the decisions we do?) Air NZ: Flight safe despite pilot twice nodding off (More on the problmes with fatigue) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 4 Worker Dies After Safety Warning Falls on Deaf Ears(Stressors in your life) Nigeria: Dana Air Plane Crash Blamed On Human Error (The Dirty Dozen at work) Five Mistakes Companies Make with Ergonomics (Interesting article) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 3 NTSB: Mechanic checklists a lesson in Las Vegas area copter crash (The importance of a checklist) What Can You Do to Prevent Accidents Caused by Worker Fatigue? (Fatigue Management) To Error is Human … But Not With Aircraft (Written by our own Gordon Dupont) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 2.5 Screwdriver caused fatal NZ plane crash - report (Rogue Objects Kill) Embraer 190 overran after pilots ignored flap-fault procedure (Ecuador) (Why don't humans just follow procedures?) Human Factors Challenges - Part 3 (More from Dr. Bill Johnson) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 2 Human Factors Challenges - Part I (FAA - Dr. Bill Johnson) Safe Attitudes Make All the Difference (Safety a core value) Helicopter in 2011 East River Crash Was Too Heavy: NTSB (How could this be? What about the Weight and Balance?) and much more.

  • Volume 9, Issue 1 Crashed Superjet was coded as fighter: investigators (Is this a Big deal?) Lack of training cited in fuel mix-up that brought down helicopter (Wow - lack of knowledge) Human Factors In Action (73% of Aviation Mishaps are due to Human Error in the airforce) and much more.


  • Volume 8, Issue 48 - Cold Conditions Demand Worker Awareness, Precautions (With the cold weather here, take precautions) Compelling Advice (10 effective communication tips) Waging a Crusade Against Stinkin' Thinkin' (Gotta love Zig Ziglar) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 47 - Wrong Bearing Blamed In Death Of Aircraft Maintenance Workers (How and why would this happen?) Human Factors training is just common sense... Or is it? (This is a MUST read) Just a Coffee Maker? by John Goglia (Thanks John, this is wonderful article) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 46 - Tigers and Ducks (It's the little things that add up) PPE Non-Compliance Worrisome (Why would anyone NOT Comply?) A Positive Attitude Can Be Contagious, research finds (Attitude is so very, very important) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 45 - Judgments Against Continental, Mechanic John Taylor Reversed (Thank Goodness!) LOT 767 gear-up crash probe advises checklist (Add it to the checklist) Four in 10 British pilots admit falling asleep in cockpit (Not good odds!) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 44 - Industrial action cloaked as aviation safety issue: justice (Love it!) Workarounds - Part 3 (Pressure can lead to a negative Norm) Foods that fight fatigue (It is important to know everything you can about fatigue) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 43 - Five-Year-Old Implicated In Fatal Crash (Where was the proper cockpit discipline?) Maintenance flaw led to Air Tahiti ATR engine fire (Why did they not check for tightness?) Texting in the Tower - From NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting Systems (Social Media is a problem in EVERY occupation) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 42 - The "B" Nut can be Deadly (Make sure you use the right tools) Report: British pilots asleep on the job (Wow, another case of fatigue?) Workarounds - Part 2 (Pressure can play a big role in companies where norms are present) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 41 - A Not So Routine Task (There is danger when we are complacent) Workarounds – Part I (Learn from Experience) Taking Sleeping Remedies Without Advice Increases Health Risks (How many of us do this to combat fatigue?) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 40 - Pilots Of Crash Plane Drunk (Why would they do that? Isn't it against the rules?) NTSB: Gulfstream Safety Culture A Factor In G650 Test Crash (A proper SMS could have or should I say would have saved lives) Think the Pilot’s Bill of Rights Doesn’t Apply to Mechanics? Think Again. - John Goglia (This is excellent information) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 39 Evolving the Safety Culture: Leading Indicators and Influencers (We must all strive to create the Safety Culture) Watch out for unhealthy responses to stress (You must manage stress or it will manage you) A Battle Plan for Jet Lag (This is excellent information) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 38 FAA Issues $400,000 Fine to Atlantic Southeast Airlines (Paperwork is just as important as the work itself) Forklift truck driver fined £150 for causing £1 million damage to aircraft(Human error on the ground) Texting While Tired (You shouldn't text and drive nor should you text and taxi an airplane) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 37 FAA Seeks GA Survey Input (Please help and take part) Sleep Apnea and Airline Safety (Sleep Apnea is more common then you think) Study Explains Why the Circadian Rhythm Affects Health (Watch that Circadium Rhythm low) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 36 NTSB: Undocumented Modifications Led to Reno Air Show Crash (Why would he NOT document - isn't that part of the job?) Singapore Airlines Flight 006: Human Factors Analysis (Just how many human errors were made?) FAA Announces New SMS Requirement (More on SMS) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 35 Air France 447 – Human Factors Overload (Who do you think was flying the plane, the adult or child?) Pilot's cellphone use may have been partial cause of
    fatal plane crash in B.C.
    (Social Media IS a BIG problem) It’s Not Always Easy to Just Say No by John Goglia (Sometimes you MUST be assertive) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 34 The Potential for Greatness is Everywhere (This is so true; Greatness takes disapline, etc.) Young Drivers View Drowsy Driving as Understandable (Lack of Awareness of the dangers of Fatigue) Watch out for unhealthy responses to stress (Dealing with excess stress is NOT easy) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 33 Engine Part Failure, Airbus Crew Distraction (Distraction is responsible for 15% of Aviation Accidents) Silver Airways flight lands at wrong W.Va. airport in
    1st week of service; no one injured
    (Lack of Awareness) Investigators Say Boy, Age 6, May Have Pulled Landing Gear Lever As Plane Touched Down (Lack of Knowledge) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 32 Brazil airline pilots flying international routes must retake English proficiency tests (Lack of Communication) The wrong maps, doors left open, bad wiring: is this why Costa Concordia really sank? (Human Error outside of Aviation) Improve Your Mental Toughness in 2 Minutes (Worth the read) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 31 American Airlines lauds NY worker's 70-year career (Congratulations! How remarkable!) NTSB: Pilot killed in Nevada crash was low on gas (Could it be pilot error?) FAA program gives amnesty for sleeping, report says (Sleep is essential) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 30 How human factor affects aviation safety (To Err is Human) Maintenance Safety Tip (Any tips are good tips) Identifying Alertness – The Nine Switches of Human Alertness (A book you may want to read) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 29 A Deadly Human Factor “The Loss of Situational Awareness” (Can be deadly) How human error turned Air France's minor technical problem into tragedy (Lack of Awareness?) Sleep Deprivation Blamed for JetBlue Pilot's March Meltdown (Fatigue can hurt us in so many ways) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 28 Rising Temperatures = Rising Threats (Threat Error Management) Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: How Sleepy Are Our Nation's Transportation Workers? (Fatigue AGAIN - interesting read) Feds say Metro safety culture to blame for worker deaths (Lack of a Safety Culture) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 27 Tenth anniversary of Überlingen accident: approach to safety has changed radically (Through this tragidy, a Safety Culture was born) Deadly Private-Plane Crashes Prompt U.S. Call for Basics (Human Error underlies the majority of private plane accidents) To Error is Human … But Not With Aircraft (We MUST learn from our errors) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 26 What A Character! (How do yu address Human Factors in your Organization?) Flight 255 survivor to speak in documentary (video) (She was only 4 years old when she became the ONLY survivor) NTSB: Deadly 2011 Bus (Fatigue does not just effect Aviations but it effects so many others as well) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 25 Poor Disaster Response Sealed Fate of Dana Crash Victims – Expert (Lives could have been saved, why was the response so slow?) Air France Flight 447 Investigation: Pilots Not Properly Trained to Fly the Airbus A330? (Was it Lack of Knowledge?) "Get-there-itis" (I think we have all experienced this at one time or another in our lives - just push it to get home!) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 24 English Skills a Concern as Global Aviation Grows (Lack of Communication) 'Slip' spins drama in the skies (What was he thinking when he said that?) CDC Study Finds 30% of American Workers Sleep Less Than Six Hours a Night(Fatigue!) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 23 Company fined over aircraft engineer's death (Safety Nets were not sufficient) Airbus A380 wing flaw undetected for a decade (Was it lack of awareness or knowledge?) An appreciation of aviation safety trends (A Thumbs Up for Human Factors Education!!!!) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 22 When The minimum Wasn’t Enough (Have you heard those words before?) Sully’ Sullenberer on being a national hero and making a difference (A new novel worth the read) Pilot's Tip of the Week (Bullet Proof Thinking) and much more.
  • Volume 8, Issue 21 Cause of Russian Jet Crash: Pilot Bravado? (Was it Lack of Knowledge? or was he just a Rouge? or?) Fatal '10 copter crash likely caused by improper maintenance, NTSB says (What interfered with his judgement to cause a Maintenance Error?) Solving the Problem of Sleep-deprived Pilots (Fatigue and how to solve it) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 20 USAF to rebuild its aerospace physiology expertise (More Human Factors training needed) Patient Safety Leaders Propose 'NTSB for Healthcare' (Human Factors training is NEEDED in the Medical field) The Number One Cause of Accidents: Human Error (Would you have guess as much?) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 19 Aviation Safety Suffers Further Setback Following Helios Conviction (Someone had to pay, correct?) Pilots’ Cockpit Argument Results In Both Being Fired (Lack of Communication and Lack of being a professional) History's deadliest plane crashes = 4904 Souls Lost (How many were caused by Human Error?) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 18 US industry voices concerns about aerospace workforce (Lack of Resources) Mind the gap (Why having a Just Culture is so very important) Safety Begins On The Ground (How VERY true) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 17 Texts, fatigue factors in Jetstar botched landing (The Dirty Dozen attack once again) Battling the effects of pilot fatigue (Fatigue is still such a problem) Catalina crash 'due to different expectations' (I don't think the mental pictures were matching) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 16 Watchdog 'ignored complaints' on dangerous flying (At risk behaviour) The Downside of Upside Down (Was this Lack of Knowledge? You judge!) Professionalism: A ‘Must Have’ For All Aviation Workers (Not just the pilots but EVERYONE) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 15 Boeing worker trapped under 787 leaves hospital (He tripped and fell) United Kingdom: New scheme takes off to cut airside accident (Health & Safety on the ramp) Lack of de-icing likely caused Russian plane crash (Why would they make that decision?) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 14 An Invisible Killer: The 1985 Crash of Delta 191 (Mother Nature) KLM 747 de-icer shunt echoed fatal Montreal collision (Lack of Knowledge, Distraction, etc.) LServisair found not guilty of safety violations in deicer’s death at Calgary airport (There is RISK in everything we do) much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 13 Continental To Appeal Manslaughter Verdict In Concorde Accident (New Evidence) DGCA asks airlines to fix work hours for maintenance staff (A form of fatigue management) Living and Working With the Reality of Risk (There is RISK in everything we do) much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 12 It's plane nuts! Jet plowed into work truck parked too close to taxiway and driver AND airline sue (He didn't think it would hit) High School Students Test Best with 7 Hours' Rest (REST is benefitial for everyone) Warning Signs of Fatigue (Excellent Poster) much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 11 FAA Human Factors Chief Wins IFA Award (Congratulations Dr. Bill Johnson) Riyadh MD-11F crash pilots failed to recognize bounce (Was it Lack of Knowledge or another contributing factor?) Crash: Buddha B190 near Kathmandu on Sep 25th
    2011, impacted terrain
    (Fatigue - do I need to say anything else?) much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 10 Dirty Dozen: Counteracting Complacency (Complaceny is everywhere)Do It Right The First Time! (Anything worth doing is worth doing it right the first time) LA Look at World Air Traffic From a Satellite Over a 24 Hour Period (This is really incredible) much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 9 US Airways airport worker dies in 'tragic accident' in Phoenix (What could have caused this tragic accident?) DGCA asks airlines to fix work hours for maintenance staff (A form of fatigue management) Living and Working With the Reality of Risk (There is RISK in everything we do) much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 8 Pilots' psychological state: A review (Human Factors) “Working Long Hours Doubles Depression Risk, Study Says (And causes Fatigue) NASA awards $73M for ATC human factors research (Research on how people interact) much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 7 NTSB Faults Cessna and FAA in Tailcone Icing (Lack of Awareness on the FAA's part) “He Yelled at Me to Stop!” (Murphy's Law) Safety is never an issue – until there is an “issue” (They often find that Human Factors played a part!) much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 6 Human error blamed for runway incident (Could it be fatigue? Distraction?) 15,000 fire extinguishers removed from planes worldwide after Welsh factory owner's fraud (Scary Stuff) Technician Shortage a Key Issue for Aviation Industry (Lack of Resources - people are resources too!) Sleep and Energy Among Top Health Trends for 2012 (Sleep is good) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 5 Bad bolt led to fatal 2010 helicopter crash (How could this happen?) Miscues behind US Airways Dash 8 damage(Lack of Communication strikes again) Marine helicopter mechanic in Afghanistan saves lives with maintenance discovery (Many people may still be alive today thanks to Lt. Col. Ian Clark) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 4 General Aviation Accident, Fatality Rates Drop in 2010 (We still have to thrive to be better) Airlines run up a safety debt?(Air travel will continue to grow) It’s Time to Renew Our Commitment to Safety (No one needs to die in an accident) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 3 "Special Safety Tip" - FAASafety.gov (How easy it is to overlook something!) Cyprus court acquits 4 ex-airline officials in 2005 - Helios plane crash that killed 121 people?(Human Error Again) Seven-Year Sentence For Repeat Airplane Thief (A Rogue?) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 2 2011 shaping up to be 'safest ever' year for fliers (We MUST continue to strive for "Safer" planes) How would you paint your Dreamliner? (Cute, interactive link - try it!) 8 Ways To A Healthier Workday (How many of these do you do?) and much more.

  • Volume 8, Issue 1 Tool forgotten inside, JetLite engine fails mid-flight (Why would anyone leave a tool inside?) Human Factors training is just common sense... Or is it? (Written by Gordon Dupont - EXCELLENT Article) Emirates tail-strike crew missed chances to catch weight error (But isn't that part of his job?) and much more.


  • Volume 7, Issue 45 China Eastern Airlines to improve English after safety breach (Lack of Communication) Fashion Model Mangled by Airplane Propeller is Among Hundreds Injured in Aviation (We NEED to put Safety Nets in place) 2011 safest year for air travel since 1945 (This is great but we must always strive to make aviation ALARP) and much more

  • Volume 7, Issue 44 Office of Aviation Medicine (Fatigue, not just pilots and maintenance. What about the Flight Attendants?) Energy Crisis (Energy drinks, coffee, water - which is best?) 10 FACTS ABOUT DRINKING & DRIVING (Pay attention as many people push the limits) and much more

  • Volume 7, Issue 43 North Sea helicopter crash report says gearbox failed after maintenance error (Was it Lack of Communication, Lack or Awareness or ? How many of the Dirty Dozen preconditions can you see? TOO MANY!) Pull the String (Very motivating!) Fatigue risk scheme considered for controllers (Fatigue Managment is so important for EVERYONE) and much more

  • Volume 7, Issue 42 Does Common Sense Have a Mathematical Formula? (Interesting and well worth the read) “CAUTION!” DO NOT IGNORE A “CAUTION” IN THE PUB! (Great Advice) When All Else Fails... (Oh yes, Murphy is alive and well) and much more

  • Volume 7, Issue 41 No Mechanic Is an Island - As the Wrench Turns by John Goglia (Communication is so very, very important) Pilot who had been drinking gets six months in prison (What was he thinking? and why would he be so stupid?) Pilots: Canadian SMS Proven Aviation Safety Tool (SMS will save lives) and much more

  • Volume 7, Issue 40 The Downside of Upside Down (Instructions must be clear and consise) FAASTeam Maintenance Safety Tip (Don't forget your Human Factors checklist) Aviation Safety is a Team Sport (Teamwork is a MUST) and much more

  • Volume 7, Issue 39 Fighting Pilot Fatigue on Military Charter Flights (Fatigue again, it's difficult to manage) US Airway’ Take 5 Approach (Distraction) New Human Factors Recurrent Course for Instructors to be Available in 2012 (Call System Safety Services and we would be pleased to help you with your reccurent training) and much more

  • Volume 7, Issue 38 FAA cites improper repairs to Southwest planes (Why would you NOT follow proper procedures?) The fixation factors (Distraction and breathalyzers) How Ethnic Culture Affects Safety Culture (What is a Safety Culture?) and much more

  • Volume 7, Issue 37 Navigator in Russian Crash Was Drunk, Report Says (Drinking and other human errors were all preventable) Families Push Obama on Pilot Fatigue Rules (We MUST have rules to help us deal with fatigue) Maintenance Standards: Why so high? (When we make a mistake, we have the ability to kill many people) and much more

  • Volume 7, Issue 36 Pilot of jet in 2005 Teterboro crash sentenced to 6 months (Did he deserve prison time?) LoPresti Set To Roll Out Unpressurized Tires (Is this a Safety Net?) The APP that helps you sleep like a baby (More help in the battle of fatigue) and much more

  • Volume 7, Issue 35 French Accident Bureau Convenes AF447 Human Factors Group (Why did they do what they did?) Concern in the cockpit: Does autopilot = rusty pilots? (Do they lack skills?) Fainting worker Sarah Maroney sues Qantas for almost $270,000 (Lack of Resources led to fatigue and fainting) and much more

  • Volume 7, Issue 34 NATA Puts Safety Training Programs Online (Available anytime, anywhere) Bone Tired? Make It Through The Day (Tips on how to deal with fatigue when it happens) Depression Rates More Common in High-Income Countries, Study Says (Very interesting study) and much more.

  • Volume 7, Issue 33 The Magic of Mentoring (We can ALWAYS learn from others experiences) 'Macho attitudes' a danger for pilots (A rogue pilot, get-there-itis, pressure, etc can all lead to accidents) Checklist conundrum offers no easy answers (Complaceny can lead to you NOT using the checklist correctly or sometimes not at all) and much more.

  • Volume 7, Issue 32 Showing How Worker Fatigue Hurts the Bottom Line (There are so many dangers that come with fatigue) Safety booklet for pilots takes off (Highlighting the key Safety issues) Beating the Post-Vacation Blues (Now that summer is almost over, many of us are heading back to work) and much more.

  • Volume 7, Issue 31.5 Report: CIAIAC publishes final report on fatal MD-82 takeoff accident Madrid, Spain (More then one factor plays a role) Bogus air engineer loses assets (A fake engineer?) NORMALIZATION OF DEVIANCE (Norms) and much more.

  • Volume 7, Issue 31 Sleeping in the Daytime (Managing Fatigue especially when shift work is a reality) Sleep Type Predicts Day and Night Batting Averages of Major League Baseball Players (Interesting states) National park deaths: Random or reckless?(Oh yes, we know all too well about Reckless behaviour)  and much more.

  • Volume 7, Issue 30 NTSB releases Ludington plane crash photos, documents; Fuel system debris is focus of much of the probe (How did that get in the fuel?) Jeju Air criticized for pilot error (Believe it or not, pilots are human too) “I Ain’t Gonna Do This Stuff”(With a Human Factors workshop, you get out what you are willing to put in)  and much more.

  • Volume 7, Issue 29 Build a Trust Fund (Trust and Safety go hand in hand) Beware The Icing Hazards Masked By Average Droplet Size, Scientists Warn (Interesting) Study: even one glass of beer, wine boosts car crash risk (Should we be adopting the drinking laws of Sweden?)  and much more.

  • Volume 7, Issue 28 Technical Report - Aviation Maintenance: (Wow, this is MUST read) Report: FAA Should Address Pilot Commutes (Fatigue again) NTSB faults pilot in 2009 fatal crash. Pilatus PC-12/45, N128CM. Butte, Montana (People are famous for putting holes in Safety Nets)  and much more.

  • Volume 7, Issue 27 Would Pilot 'Panic Button' Save the Day or Tie Hands? (What happens to the human?) $243,360 in Fines Issued to Maine Contractor for Fall Hazards (Protective measures are in place but it takes the human to make them work) Cell Phone: Weapon of Mass Distraction (You can't use a cell while driving a car but what about while working on a plane?)  and much more.

  • Volume 7, Issue 26   Aviation Issues On NTSB 'Most Wanted' List (How many of these do you think involve Human Error?) Distracted Driver (EVERY human can get distracted) Corporate aviation safety management systems - a case study (Are you eating the right foods at night?)  and much more.

    Volume 7, Issue 25   Inattention led to plane's door opening in flight - report (But I thought I had followed procedure!) FAASTeam Maintenance Safety Tip (Training is ALWAYS a Safety Net) Night Shift Nugget (Are you eating the right foods at night?)  and much more.

  • Volume 7, Issue 24   Fit for Work? (You may have had lots of time off work and lots of sleep but how do you know if you are Fit for Work?) Fit for Work Indicatior Opportunity (Here is your chance to try this New, Inventive system for 6 months) Pilot's bereavement 'crash factor' (His mind was just not on his job and the FFW would have likely picked that up)  and much more.

  • Volume 7, Issue 23  From The FAA: SMS: What It Means for the AMT? (Sweat the small stuff and you avoid sweating the big stuff) Alaska Airlines replacing paper manuals with iPad (Much easier on the back) Sleep Problems Lead to Other Problems (You develop a I don't care attitude)  and much more.

  • Volume 7, Issue 22  Blame the Pilots of Air France 447? Not So Fast (Follow the whole chain of events) Pilot error behind CAL 747 tailstrike incident (Human Error - oh no fatigue again) Torch Left in Nose Wheel Steering Cable Run (Distraction)  and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 21  How alarming are Airport Ramp Accidents? (You mean ground crew are humans too?) FAA expresses concern over Technician Fatigue (It's about time the world woke up and paid attention to fatigue) 25 Signs you might be safety Geek (Stress is an occupational hazard)  and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 20  FAA MX Fatigue Focus Newsletter - Latest Issue! (More info on the #1 Contributing Factor) Make Them Uncomfortable (Complacency - The Silent Killer) Jury awards $48 million in skydiving plane crash (Stress is an occupational hazard)  and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 19  Flight Deck Chicken (Not following the rules can kill you) FAA Administrator wants MRO's Adopt SMS (SMS will reduce accidents and increase Safety) Showing How Workplace Stress Hurts the Bottom Line (Stress is an occupational hazard)  and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 18  Aircraft Maintenance Duty Time Limits (Until June 13th, you can tell us your opinion) Solution for fatigued aviation workers eludes FAA (Fatigue is on the forefront) Human factors to blame for fatal crash of Air India Express flight from Dubai (How many of the Dirty Dozen preconditions can you see?)  and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 17 Scientists: Controllers need naps on the job (Will this finally be able to solve the fatigue issue) Key workers falling asleep worries safety experts (Fatigue is a troubling trend) Safety Nets (Maintenance operations need similar safety nets)  and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 16 PNG death crash pilot 'drunk with fatigue (Time and time again fatigue is the issue) Flight-Deck Basics is also Ramp Basics (Flight-deck Crew and Ramp Crew are both human) FAA Mandates Controller Wake-Up Calls (Read what the FAA's "interim" plan to deal with fatigue is)  and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 15 'AI ignored safety rules during fire' (What interfered with his judgment at the critical moment?) FAASTeam Maintenance Safety Tip March 2011 (Let's talk about Pressure - there is NO Pressure in Aviation is there?) Five Ways to Make the Most From The Mistakes You Make (We all make mistakes but with every mistakes comes something we can learn from)  and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 14 United Plane Flew Despite Smoke, Fumes in Cockpit (Why would they let the airplane fly?  Was it Lack of Awareness? - You decide!) Reagan air traffic incident renews fatigue debate (Fatigue raises it's ugly head again) NTSB Cites Fatigue, Poor Training In Fatal Crash (Fatigue, Lack of Teamwork and Lack of Communication - these factors all played a part in his decision that killed all on board)  and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 13  NTSB challenges FAA for access to incident reports (We can all learn from incident reports so why can't we all get along?) OSHA timeline highlights 40 years of healthier workers, safer workplaces and a stronger America (This is fantastic!) Vibrating cockpit seat proposed for pilot alerts (This could be a great Safety Net for pilots - what do you think?)  and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 12 As the Wrench Turns: Trapped Inside the Cargo Hold by John Goglia (Human factors everywhere, can you spot them?) Read Any Good Logbooks Lately? (How important written communication is!) Reflections After an Accident (Humans love to gamble - and sometimes it just doesn't pay off)  and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 11 Return to service (Pilots and Maintenance are all part of the same team) A Safety Management Perspective (Risk Assessment) Drowsy Surgeons Should Inform Patients (Fatigue Management is not only important in our industry)  and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 10 Captain Fantastic (This video really is fantastic) Rest Rules Could Create Pilot Shortage? (Managing fatigue is too important to ignore) PRESSURE (We never feel any pressure, do we?  and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 9 FAA Validates US Airways’ Safety Management System (Thumbs up!) Dropped Tool at NASA May Have Damaged Shuttle (Could it be Human Errors at work?) Hiring for Safety (HUMAN Resources) and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 8 Incorrect Maintenance Manual Procedures (Another human error at work) Challenger's Crew Remembered, 25 Years After Disaster (Human Errors that killed!) Boeing says 'immature' technology behind 787 delay (Interesting) and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 7 No U.S. airline fatalities in 2010 (EXCELLENT!  This is what we strive for) FAA: Operations and maintenance errors behind SkyWest fine (Human Errors pile up!) NTSB Probable Cause Report (Human Error leads to deaths AGAIN) and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 6 2011 William (Bill) O'Brien Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards Program (Recognition and Awards for Mechanics - do you know anyone whom qualifies?) Shaping Professionalism and Integrity in Aircraft Maintenance (Lack of Resources - HE HAD the best of intentions) 10 Decisions to Help Make 2011 Your Best Year Ever (How to make 2011 the BEST!!!) and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 5 Fatigue Training: (A new fatigue awareness program) Maintenance, Pilot Mistakes Likely Caused Jet to Roll Off Runway (No one ever intends to make a mistake, yet the happen all the time) Disappointing 2010 for Airline Safety (Fatal Accidents Increased) and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 4 C-17 crash report exposes cracks in USAF safety culture (Why would he deliberatly break the rules?) Baggage man asleep in plane's cargo hold (ZZZZzzzzz... ) The Ten Rules for Being Human (These are excellent!) and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 3 Lessons Learned From Maintenance Mergers (There are many Human Factor Issue to consider - and how do you deal with them?) Language Lessons (Communication so VERY, VERY important) Another near-accident as planes land on wrong track at Ovda Airport (Poor Lighting?) and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 2 Situational Awareness in Maintenance (Distraction - Read and watch the links of this accident and see how easily they form) Survey: Why Aren't More Women In Aviation? (yeah, why aren't they?) A Virtual Tour of the A380 (Wow, what a plane but when will it be ready?) and much more.
  • Volume 7, Issue 1 Fatigue Countermeasure Training (FREE on-line training for Maintenance) Human Factors training is just common sense... Or is it? (Written by Gordon Dupont - EXCELLENT Article) French Court “Criminalizes” Concorde Accident (Was it Criminal or Human Error?) and much more.


  • Volume 6, Issue 43 An eBook dedicated to the founder of the Dirty Dozen by Charles Alday. Learning human factors from the pipeline industry (This book is a MUST read for anyone with interest in Human Factors) Airlines' lessons in safety for oil industry (Avoid complacency: "The assumption that safety is 'good enough' can only lead to disaster.")  QUESTION: What percentage of fatal car crashes involve a drowsy driver? (Fatigue - how we underestimate our ability to deal with it) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 42 Cream and sugar with your jet fuel? Plane water tanks mistakenly filled (Ground Crew are Humans Too and are such subject to Human Error) NTSB Reports Fuel Exhaustion In 2009 Greenville Accident (Lack of Awareness and Lack of Communication)  NTSB: Delta Pilot Was 'Fatigued' During Taxiway Landing (Fatigue - how we underestimate our ability to deal with it) and much more.   Thank you Roger for another year of amazing Aviation HF Newsletters that have inspired each and everyone of us!
  • Volume 6, Issue 41 FAA Proposes Safety Management Systems For Airlines (SMS is important for EVERYONE, not just the little guys but the airlines as well!) FAASafety.gov (Human Factors in Aviation study) Drowsy Driving Prevention Week® Highlights Prevalent and Preventable Accidents (Driving or flying Drowsy is DEADLEY) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 40 The Human Relay: Fully Energized (Why it's so important to follow procedure) I’m a New Supervisor, Now What! - Lessons Learned from John Goglia (To be a Supervisor, you must first be trained in how to be one) Air India plane crash: 'Sleepy' pilot blamed (Fatigue does it again) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 39 Air controller 'fatigue threat' (Fatigue talked about so often because it is so important) Young woman becomes first Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Women are human too, believe it or not?) Aerobic Exercise Relieves Insomnia (Exercise is so very important and is closely related with fatigue) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 38 New Products on the FAA Maintenance Fatigue Website (Fatigue Management is so very important and WILL save lives) Baker’s Dozen (Attitude can make or break each and everyone of us as well as the attitude of your organization) Human Factors in Aviation Communication (Communication is all so important) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 37 SHELL Model is the foundation to understanding Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance (Creating Awareness) Flight Stress (All to common in our industry - good read) An Appetite for Life (Courage and Determination - truly and inspiring story) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 36 Crucial Knowledge - HF OnLine ‘Sampler’ Video (Human Factors) SMS for Mechanics (So very important) Investigators Suspect Pilot Distraction In Two Recent Airliner Incidents (Distraction) and much more. - Thanks so much Roger!!!
  • Volume 6, Issue 35 BA passengers tried to halt 777 take-off after taxiing error (Lack of Communication) Safety call after jet's plunge over Norfolk (Confusion) Airline staffer dies in freak mishap at airport (More on fatigue) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 34 Dirty Dozen: Lack of Communication (Happens all too often) Is there a perfect time to take a nap? (Fatigue) Shift Start Times Impact Sleep and Alertness (More on fatigue) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 33 New Release of MX Fatigue Newsletter (Learn more about Fatigue) Bad Regulation—You Can Initiate Change (Learn to be assertive when things don't seem right) Lessons of Manchester runway fire (Every Accident has a lesson) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 32 Congress Passes Safety Management Law (Safety Management Systems)  FATIGUE ACCIDENT/INCIDENT CAUSATION TESTING SYSTEM (FACTS) (Fatigue) How to Get Control Of Your Time and Your Life (Time is Life) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 31 Plane Loses Engine Cover After Indianapolis Takeoff (Maintenance Issue) The FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) (Important Update) New Guidelines Tell Co-Pilots to Speak Up (Learn how to be Assertive) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 30 Five Benefits of a Near-Miss Reporting Culture (SMS) Make Reporting a Daily Event (Great Idea) Recovery sleep’ can make up for lost ZZZs (Fatigue) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 29 Rush to Judgment - As the Wrench Turns by John Goglia (NTSB and determining the cause) US plane crash experts probe beyond black box (Human Error) Witnesses: Mechanic involved in helicopter crash a hero (Incredible story) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 28 Firm Reveals Ingredients for Successful Shiftworkers (So Important to understand Shiftwork) Summer Heat is a Real Safety Concern (Heat can be deadly) The Human Contribution (A must read on Human Factors) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 27 A Human Error Slip. Good Plan Poorly Executed (Lack of Awareness) 'FAircraft maintenance errors, FAR violations and using the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) (A must in a SMS) Feds: Captain could have prevented Denver accident (Could this be stress, Complacency or was it both?) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 26 Safety Nets (Fatigue proof your Organizations) 'Legends Of Flight': Aviation's Hits And Misses (You don't want to miss seeing this) Reducing Work Hours for Resident Physicians (We are all human and everyone suffers from fatigue) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 25 Pilots of Runaway Jet Won't Get Jobs Back (Distraction) 17 JUN 10 FAA Issues Runway Crossing Clearance Changes FAA Issues Runway Crossing Clearance Changes (Watch out for Complacency) Training & Safety: It’s All Human Factors (We are all human) and much more.  
  • Volume 6, Issue 24 NTSB Warned That Future Pilots May Not Be Up To Snuff (Lack of Knowledge) FAA Publishes Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking On SMS (Lack of Knowledge or was it awareness, you decide) PRESSURE (#8 of the Dirty Dozen ) and much more.  
  • Volume 6, Issue 23 Landing gear mishap spurs NTSB recommendations for maintenance training (Lack of Knowledge) Pilot Claims Her Bell 47D1 Manual Contained Improper
    (Lack of Knowledge or was it awareness, you decide) Delays in anti-pilot fatigue rules criticized (More on this important subject of fatigure) and much more.   Thank you again Roger for all your hard work and thank you for sharing it with all of us!
  • Volume 6, Issue 22  IMAX 3-D 'Legends Of Flight' Set For June Premier (This is a MUST see) Interrupting a Nurse Makes Medication Errors More Likely (Distraction occurs in Every Industry) Six Ways to Avoid Misunderstandings (Communication (a 2-way street) is so very, very important) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 21  When the Maintenance Manual is Wrong (Get it corrected, Be assertive) Evidence Surfaces Of Passengers In The Cockpit Of Polish Airliner Which Crashed (Pressure to get there) Concorde crash trial: Continental Airlines to make final plea (The ONLY reason for discipline is to ensure that the error never happens again) and much more.
  • Volume 6, Issue 20  Failure to Communicate (It's a 2 way street) Broadcast Safety Improvements (Improve your Safety Culture) ATSAP Program Shows High Number Of Air Traffic Errors (It is so important to report errors) To Sleep with Spouse or Not (Fatigue?) and much more. 
  • Volume 6, Issue 19  AMT Day: A Proud Day (We are truly Professionals) Accident Underscores Importance of Tire Mx (Small mistakes can have BIG consequences) HF Classroom Training Aid (RTDM - Read The Dam Manual is the Safety net here) Cause of Chopper Crash Determined (Our errors can show up years later) and much more.  Thanks Roger for your dedication to our industry
  •  Volume 6, Issue 18  Maintain Your Way To Greater Safety (Knowledge/Communication) Accident Investigation – Is there a Daytime Bias in your Operation? (Data Analyses) 2010 International Aviation Ground Safety Seminar (Training is always a Safety Net) Night Shift Linked to Sleep Problems in Younger Workers (Fatigue) and more..
  •  Volume 6, Issue 17  Mechanic Left Drive Shaft Bolts Loose – A Very Close Call (Lack of Awareness) Panel on Cat No. 1 (Fatigue) Delta TechOps Named Aviation Week 'MRO of the Year - Outstanding Maintenance Group' (Congratulations) FAA To Pilots: Put Those Phones Away (Distraction) and more..
  •  Volume 6, Issue 16  Boeing Completes First 787 Dreamliner Maintenance Training Class (Exciting!) Training That Won't Put Your Employees To Sleep! (Fatigue) Man falls asleep on Air Canada flight, wakes up on empty plane in a hangar (More Fatigue) The Health Risks of Shift Work (Human Factors) and more..
  •  Volume 6, Issue 15  New Release of MX Fatigue Newsletter (Fatigue) American Airlines jet gets towed, gets broken (Lack of Communication) Poor maintenance started accident chain that resulted in Learjet high-speed runway departure (Lack of Knowledge) FAASafety.gov (Human Factors) and more..
  •  Volume 6, Issue 14  FAA Implements Safety Management System (SMS) PRESS RELEASE (Safety Release) CONTINUING EDUCATION (Human Factors) Are You Hooked on Red Bulls or Coffee? Type 1 SugarAddiction (Human Factors) and more..
  •  Volume 6, Issue 13  Check Those Latches! (Training) FAA To Fine Northwest Airlines For Improper indshield Inspections (What happened?) Post-maintenance Flights Are Critical (Interesting) and more..
  •  Volume 6, Issue 12  The Biggest Myth in Aviation? (Safety) NTSB Chairman Warns Of Dangers From Fatigue (Fatigue can be so deadly) Pilot “Refusal To Take A Mandatory Drug Test” Wins Appeal (Interesting) and more..
  •  Volume 6, Issue 11  Pilots Unaware Flight Should Have Been Daytime VMC Restricted (Lack of Awareness) Professionalism in Maintenance (Fit for Duty) Norms: One of the Proud “Dirty Dozen” of Aviation Human Factor related traps (NORMS) and more..
  •  Volume 6, Issue 10  Helicopter Pilot, Passenger 'Jump' And Survive (Believe it or not?) System Safety Services - Misfortune Murphy Model (Fantastic Training Tool) Driving Safety (Distraction) and more..
  •  Volume 6, Issue 9   NATIONAL SLEEP AWARENESS WEEK (Fatigue) Aviation safety rate: One accident for every 1.4 million flights (Training Pays Off) Accident: ABX Air Cargo B762 at San Francisco on Jun 28th 2008, on fire while parked, no arson (Lack of Awareness) and more..
  •  Volume 6, Issue 8  Air Methods Exits Level 1 FAA Safety Management System Status (SMS) Doctors' skill checks need upgrade, says Burnham (Pressure) Here are 10 small steps to get you on the road to better health in 2010 (Always good to know) and more..  Again I would like to give a big Thank You to Mr. Roger Hughes as without him these EXCELLENT Newsletter would not be possible.

  •  Volume 6, Issue 7  Flashlight found in tail cone of plane that crashed in Ellis County, safety board says (What could have happened?) Commuter plane hits LAX walkway, none injured (human error?) Crash jet 'not properly serviced' (Humans Again) and more..
  •  Volume 6, Issue 6  The Big Red Knob (Distraction) Sleep strategies for shiftworkers (more on fatigue) and more...
  •  Volume 6, Issue 5  NTSB Blames Crew in February 2009 Buffalo Crash (Lack of Communication) Lahood Raps USA Today's Maintenance Investigation (1,300 Maintenance Infractions) Shame on EU as Vietnam Leads the Way in Aviation Safety (Excellent Article) and more...
  •  Volume 6, Issue 4  New Science on Sleep (Fatigue) Machinists Union Forms Online Community To Help Workers Through Difficult Times (Help with Stress/Pressure) "Position And Hold" Change Expected Soon (Oh yes, humans) and more...
  •  Volume 6, Issue 3  New Release of MX Fatigue Newsletter (Fatigue) Helios ‘Mayday’ call chills courtroom (Chilling) Inspection reveals poor maintenance work by Jetstar Pacific (Human Error) and more...
  •  Volume 6, Issue 2  Babbitt Takes Professionalism Speech To The U.S. Senate Aviation Subcommittee (Human Factors) Alcohol Testing Mandatory for Pilots on Flights to and from India (Another HF) Midnight Shift Nugget (Fatigue) and more...
  •  Volume 6, Issue 1  Federal Aviation Administration (Human Factors) Worn steering cable blamed for Airlink J41 runway (Another HF Error?) Fresh checks ordered on Super Puma fleet after rotor fears (Pressure) and more...


  •  Volume 5, Issue 41b  Fallen airport worker may not have worn harness: union (Lack of Knowledge?) One tiny hole may have caused Golf Hammock crash (Lake of Awareness) Aviation Injuries, Aloft and on the Ground and more...
  •  Volume 5, Issue 41  Lighten up to protect airline workers from injury (Lack of Resources) American Eagle, union tout airline's efforts to promote safety (Safety Culture) Why Business Aircraft Operators Need to be Thinking About SMS Now (SMS)  and more...
  •  Volume 5, Issue 40  Hangar Fire At Hooks Airport Injures One (Not sure on a cause) Liar, Liar (Lack of Resources) GAO Suggests Reporting of Workplace Injuries, Illnesses Likely Inaccurate (SMS)  and more...
  •  Volume 5, Issue 39  Scholarship for Aviation Maintenance Technicians Now Available (Do you know someone?) 'MIRACLE ON THE HUDSON,' ANIMATED (Very well done) Checklist culture helps improve patient safety (Safety Net)  and more...
  •  Volume 5, Issue 38  Rag Entangles Tail Rotor Drive Shaft (Distraction?) Emergency slide falls from Airbus A319 mid-flight (Maintenance Error) NTSB Chief Urges Fight Against Fatigue (Fatigue)  and more...
  •  Volume 5, Issue 37  Air crash museums keep dark memories alive (Excellent way to preserve life) Under Pressure (pressure and how to deal with it) How do I know when fatigue is affecting my performance? (This is a important read)  and more...  Once again, thanks Roger!
  •  Volume 5, Issue 36  Welcome to the FAA’s Maintenance (MX) FATIGUE section (Excellent for anyone interested in Fatigue) Qantas safety fears as engineers vote work ban (more on Fatigue - get the idea of how IMPORTANT this subject is?) AEA Says Safety Management Systems Unwieldy(SMS)  and much much more
  •  Volume 5, Issue 35  About CHIRP (Confidential Human Factors Reporting Program) Aircraft Maintenance Incidents on Rise (Excellent) Midnight Shift Nugget (Caffeine control)  and much much more. - Once again, thank you Roger!!!

  •  Volume 5, Issue 34  Human Factors Training  is just common sense, or is it? (Great author) Cockpit Interruptions and Distractions (Distraction) Control and Actuator Locks/Pins - FAASTeam Maintenance Safety Tip (Safety Net)  Best Practices! and much much more.
  •  Volume 5, Issue 33  Pilots, Airlines Push For Nap Time (Fatigue) Human Factors: Beyond the "Dirty Dozen" - Part IV (Excellent) Sleep Myths and the Truth: Snoring (More on Fatigue - this is an important article to read)  Top 5 Causes of Motor Vehicle Crashes (Human Factors can affect motor vehicles too!)  and much much more.
  •  Volume 5, Issue 32  Brilliant Work (Fatigue Management) Fatigue Awareness Calendars (Excellent) Maintenance problems caused F-16 mishap (Was it Lack of Knowledge?)  The School of Hard Shocks (Pressure)  and much much more.
  •  Volume 5, Issue 31  Top 10 Barriers to Near-Miss Reporting (SMS) Human Factors: Beyond the "Dirty Dozen" -Part III (More about the Dirty Dozen) Error Study Points to Humans (Human Error)  Today Show Looks at Drowsy Teen Drivers (Fatigue again)  and much much more. - Once again, thank you, thank you Roger for all your hard work.
  •  Volume 5, Issue 30  Poor Maintenance caused F-16 failure (Human Error) Cockpit Chatter Cited in 6 Crashes (Distraction) Maintaining Awareness (Awareness)  Runway Safety Summit (Fatigue again)  and much much more.
  •  Volume 5, Issue 29   Understanding Aviation Safety Data (Risk Analysis) NTSB tells workers to hang up cells (Eliminate distraction) Alcoholic Beverages and sleep (Fatigue)  Transit Accidents linked to sleep disorders (Fatigue again)  and much much more.
  •  Volume 5, Issue 28   American Airlines caught in drug sting (Not Fit to Work) A Near-Miss - “Red Flags” Not Heeded. (U.S. Navy) (The child at work) Controlling Consequences of Errors Through Assertiveness (The Title Says it all)  Overlooked trim led to 737's post-V1 abort (Distraction)  and much much more.  Great job Roger and thanks
  •  Volume 5, Issue 27   Post Article Examines "Crash Pads"  (Another solution to Fatigue?) Post Maintenance Flights are Critical  (It's all about the metal attitude ) Human Factors: Beyond the Dirty Dozen - Part I (A MUST READ)  True Leadership different from culture of command  (Different cultures)  and much much more.  Another fantastic job Roger and thanks
  •  Volume 5, Issue 26   Mech magazine - US Navy Mishaps (Worth reading as they are human to) Developing a Safety Management System  (The next step to reducing Human Error) Naha jet fire laid to faulty Maintenance  (For want of a washer - an aircraft was lost)  Human Factor Techniques to survive a downturn  (This is a must read)  and much much more.  Great job Roger and thanks
  •  Volume 5, Issue 25   Marines Say Helicopter's Fatal Crash Preventable (More Human Error - Lack of Communication) Human Error and Technical Fault blamed for Spanair Crash that killed 154(The Dirty Dozen at Work) When Shortcuts become the Norm (Norms) Air Safety plunges in first half of 2009 (Why?)
  •  Volume 5, Issue 24   NTSB issues final report on 'sleeping pilots' case (Fatigue - Sleep Debts) Counteracting Complacency (More on Compacency) New Alarm Clock Tracks your Sleep (More on Fatigue) Midnight Shift Nugget (What to do?)
  •  Volume 5, Issue 23   The NEW Maintenance Dirty Dozen Posters are here (and they look fantastic) Unsecured Cowling Detaches and Hits Tail (Distraction) A case of Miscommunication (The Title Says it All) Report Fault's Air France's Safety Record (Safety Culture)
  •  Volume 5, Issue 22   Aviation Maintenance is Closing Up it's Print Shop (Will still be online) Night Shift Daddy (Fatigue) Is Better Performance Just a Dream Away? (Fatigue again?) Lockout and Tagout (Safety Nets)
  •  Volume 5, Issue 21  New FAA Safety Culture Reported in Operational Error Reporting (SMS is a must) CALLBACK - Dirty Dozen (The Big ones, Fatigue & Distraction) Emirates Pilot Tells Story About A340 Tail Strike (Again, Fatigue played a role) Unreported Near Miss Re-enacted in Fatality (An SMS again is a must)
  •  Volume 5, Issue 20  Is there a (757) Doctor on board?  (Great to be a hero now and again) CAA UK publishes Aircraft maintenance incident analysis 1996-2006. (Not good news reading but useful to learn from)  NTSB delivers 2008 annual report to congress.  Nuts and bolts newsletter. (Highly recommended reading)  Baggage handler to jail for embezzlement.  (Not the way to supplement your income)  Drowsy driving: Detection and prevention and much more.  Thanks Roger. Great job.
  •  Volume 5, Issue 19 Human factors emerge as trend in air crashes: expert.  (Training is ALWAYS   a Safety net)  Tobias Aerospace Shut Down  (English is the language of Aviation) Deadly 2007 Plane Crash in Brazil Blamed on Human Error.  (Pressure leads to 199 peoples deaths)   And lots more.
  •  Volume 5, Issue 18 NTSB’s Rosenker discusses FAA’s role in oversight of commercial air carriers.  Everyday survival: Why smart people do stupid things.  (Good question but you have to buy the book to get the answer)  Improving assertive behavior.  (We can always use more of that) Midnight shift nugget.  (These are always valuable)   And lots more.
  •  Volume 5, Issue 17 Computer Failures are probed in jet crash. (We humans aren’t the only things to fail or did we contribute?)   Maintenance error caused Ohio plane crash. (Once more)  FAA Safety alert focuses on tire pressure. (Go to Safety videos, #1- “Death of an Airline” case study to see what one low tire can do)Gas trimmer torches C-182.  Diligence in Mundane things. And much more
  •  Volume 5, Issue 16 Ramp design error a setback for remodeled airport. (3 ft. is a big human error)  Fall proves fatal to FAA employee.  Engine on Navy E-6 sets military aviation record. (If only we human could be a reliable)  This is the best I have ever heard on “life explained.” (Well worth reading) And much more.  Great job Roger.
  •  Volume 5, Issue 15 Congressmen act on English speaking airplane mechanics. (Good)  Safety glasses save AMT’s eyesight. (That’s what they are for)  Maintenance Mishap summary. (An error caught before it could kill)  Whack-A-Mole.  (This is a great book that I highly recommend written by a dedicated industry Safety expert) And lots more.
  •  Volume 5, Issue 14  News station’s aircraft mechanics probe.  (You should READ this one)  Big clue: Maintenance placard. (There’s a reason why things are tagged)  Stay well to do your job well. (Makes a lot of sense)  Sleep drive and your body clock  and more great stuff from Roger.
  •  Volume 5, Issue 13  Report critiques FAA Oversight of aviation safety action program. (Still a great Safety tool) Remember Flight 191.  Woman excels in man’s world of aircraft mechanics.  (Women are only 2% of the maintenance workforce)  Clogged fuel filter and poor inspection causes of fatal Millville airplane crash. (Proper maintenance and this would not have happening) Worker falls to his death at Miami International Airport. (This should not be happening) And lots more
  •  Volume 5, Issue 12  Plane crash kills seven in Congo.  (Maintenance or lack of, once again)  Report: Kalitta B 742 at Newark on Apr 19th 2008, engine fire. (Again, lack of maintenance)  Metal baggage container sucked into jet engine at LAX. (At least it wasn’t a human)  N432AW CL60 vs bagcart. (No winners here) And much more real good stuff.
  •  Volume 5, Issue 11  AMT day: A proud heritage. (We have a lot to be proud of) NTSB: Crashed Convair 580 had reversed elevator trim cables. (Maintenance error again)  NTSB: Open baggage door downed Chieftain. (And again) Probe hears flaws in fatal plane crash and much more.  Thanks Roger
  •  Volume 5, Issue 10 THY 737 altimeter fault occurred several times before crash. (Maintenance likely contributed here)  Proud member of the “Dirty Dozen” – Lack of Communication.  Safety More than just rules. (Fatigue is in there)   Real life tips for improving alertness on the night shift (These are all helpful) and much more
  •  Volume 5, Issue 9  PHX Dash 8 Mishap - GPU vs. Prop. (Everyone lost but no one hurt)  "Tailstrike" may write off A340. (Did Fatigue play a role? See next article) Pilot "barely slept" day before Emirates near-disaster.  Mechanic charged with falsifying FAA credentials. (He was never an AMT) Probe into Virgin A340 bar fire finds wire protection missing. (Likely for a long time and no one noticed) and much more.  First Class. Thanks Roger
  •  Volume 5 Issue 8  Cockpit Fire Damage ASA Bombardier CRJ-200. (Not lightning like most of  the articles and pictures on the internet suggest) American Airlines made mistakes before. (The Maintenance Dirty Dozen strikes again) Loose Fastener Causes Control Disconnect. (Out of date manuals played a big role = 4 dead) Procedural Error and Non-compliance in Maintenance. (The title says it all) and much more.
  •  Volume 5 Issue 7  Tunisian pilot who prayed as his plane went down jailed in Italy. (The mechanics who made a honest mistake got 8 years) Study finds criminal prosecution following accidents damages safety. (This is so true but revenge for the error is the norm in our society) Accident: Arrow Cargo DC10 dropped parts of engine on houses. (Not due to a Maintenance Error I hope) and lots more. GREAT job Roger.
  • Volume 5 Issue 6 Easyjet Plunged 10,000 ft on Test Flight. (That's what test flights are for- to catch maintenance errors)  Post Maintenance Test Flight Crash.  (High price to pay for your error)  Bad Altimeter a Factor in Netherlands Plane Crash. (They had warnings that were ignored)  French Concorde Crash Manslaughter Trial to Begin in Feb. 2010. (That will do nothing to improve aviation Safety) and a whole lot more great stuff. Thanks Roger.
  •  Volume 5 Issue 5  The real good news is that Roger is back and you'll see a BIG improvement in layout and content.  THANKS Roger for the great work.  ANZ Highlights Evidence of Sensor Failure on Crashed A320 (The big question will be what, if any, role did maintenance play?)  Mechanics Error Cited in Fatal Crash. (Our worst nightmare)  BA Ground Workers Charged in A320 Hit-And -Run. (What is the company culture that might encourage that decision?) NTSB Blames 747 Flight Crew for 2005 Nose Gear Accident. Fatigue Factor in B737 Runway Excursion. (We keep underestimating its effects) Breakfast - Don't Leave Home Without it. And much more.
  • Volume 5 Issue 4  Report Says Mechanics Missing in Human Factors Efforts. (We can sure help there) EMB-110 Down in Brazil's Amazon Basin.  Lawsuit Filed in January 29 Seneca Downing. (A major hazard of our profession) Qantas Fires Another Fake Engineer. (What people won't do to get into our profession)  Cessna Mechanic Caught Stealing Parts, Selling Them on EBay. (Not the way to supplement your income) and more including a cartoon at the end
  • Volume 5 Issue 3  FAA Applauds Agreement that Reinstates the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP). (Now that is GOOD news) Airman looses 115 Pounds in Order to Work on aircraft. (More GOOD news. Our industry could use a few more with this level of dedication) Sailor's Families Want Answers in Helicopter Accident. (Sadly, likely maintenance played a role) Too Many Emails Fog the Brain. [Now I have an excuse for foggy brain) And much more. Be sure to check  the pictures at the end.
  •  Volume 5 Issue 2  The good news is that Roger will be back soon. Aircraft damaged in hit and run incident. (Likely a "Blame Culture" behind this one)  First flights from Baghdad to the EU. (Good news but not my vacation choice yet)  Northrop Grumman sued over Mallard crash. (60 years and the lawyers can still come after you) Military controller's trial a lesson in tea totaling. (Can't even trust tea to drink) And more
  •  Volume 5 Issue 1  1.5 Billion people fly without a fatality. (That's the good news)  French Concorde crash manslaughter trail to begin in Feb. 2010. (The bad news as it will do NOTHING to advance aviation Safety) Manslaughter charges filed against fire people. (More of the same - Revenge) First lawsuit surfaces in wake of PHI s-76 crash. (This one is for money) Cessna to slash 2,000 more jobs. (That's a lot of people, some who will not come back to our industry) and more
     May everyone have a Safe, Healthy and Happy 2009
    (And WOW; Over four years of aviation Human Factors news here)
  •  Volume 4 Issue 49  Mechanic sentenced for fraud, money laundering. (Always sad to read this)  Former Qantas engineer jailed for faking credentials. (This illustrates just how valued your license is)  NTSB: Air Wisconsin Philadelphia gear-up landing followed maintenance. (I wonder what caused this simple unintentional error) and more.
    Please read the Good News, Bad News article and may everyone have a Safe, Healthy and Happy 2009
  •  Volume 4 Issue 48  Misconfigured A330 flight computers led to severe hard landing. (Maintenance error installed the wrong box -Some Murphy-proofing needed here) Investigators look at recent paint job in ANZ accident. (But after 2 hrs flying?) NTSB: Wake turbulence from 767 likely caused Mexican Lear crash. (The invisible killer) Judge who coined famous phrase to get Safety award. (sadly,it can be used on more than just this accident) Don't take chances with hydraulics. (Skydrol in the eye really smarts - I know first hand) and much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 47  Defective fasteners installed on Boeing 737's. (An expensive Human Error) Lack of Knowledge. (Good lesson story) When times get tough; cut human factors training. (Sadly, all too often done) Cowling separations.  Bringing the message home to your crewmembers. (Human factors training, done right, is for more than just work) Flight student killed by airplane propeller. (Sad) Aviation stress and fatigue study and much more
  •  Volume 4 Issue 46  In Memoriam: William F. O'Brien. (Aviation has lost a great mentor for Safety) NTSB Issues update on near collision. (10 ft is waay too close) Police Investigation Assigns blame for plane crash that killed 199.  (This will do nothing to prevent a reoccurrence) Fatal air crash report points finger at Transport Canada.  (Sadly they are often an early link in the chain of events that lead to the accident)  Coroner attacks systemic failures that led to 10 deaths. (More early links)  and a lot more as always.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 45  NATA's Russ Lawton on Safety Management System requirements. (Its the next step to reduce human error IF done right) Engine nut loose before TV copter crash, feds say. (Another preventable maintenance error) Man agrees to stay away from airplanes. (Good) FAA renews, toughens warning to Boeing 737 pilots. (We humans ALL require constant reminders) Drowsy Driver Consequence. (Fatigue - the #1 contributing factor to human error) and much more.  Great job Roger. Thanks
  •  Volume 4 Issue 44  Cyprus to prosecute five people over airplane crash in 2005. (Revenge that will do nothing to advance aviation Safety) Accident reports should include mechanic's details. (They do it for pilots)  Broken trim tab causes severe vibration (That vibration can also lead to loss of flight control and aircraft) Lack of Resources. (Our "can do" attitude can get us into trouble)  NTSB wants Safer medical flights. (Don't we all) Learn and Earn. (After reading this go to the "Death of an Airline" training video case study) and, as always, much much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 43  Your personal contribution to Safety. (We all have a vital role to play)  Required reading.(It is)  NTSB issues update on business jet accident in South Carolina. (Did maintenance contribute to the tire failure?)  Active listening during shift turnover/handovers. (And any other time)  Ten worst aviation disasters in history (Human error played a role in each one)  and much more as always.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 42  FAA creates "Lessons Learned" online database. (This is a must checkout item so we can learn from past mistakes) Regional jet maintenance truck collide at ORD; 3 injured. (Fatigue contributed?)  Compliance Matters.  NTSB: Aviation fatalities down. (Now that's good news) Nose wheel mishap: DGCA suspends maintenance engineer. (That's bad news as he likely forgot the washer hidden in the old grease) Economic stress takes toll on emotional, physical health. (Manage stress or it will manage you) and so much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 41  Mechanics face manslaughter charge for Madrid air crash. (I hope they aren't going to become convenient scapegoats) Medical helicopter crash: It has happened again. (Once is too many times)  Jet fire under investigation - Update. Update: Oxygen bottle ruptured Qantas 747. (That could have easily been a lot worse) You're Safer on a plane. (Interesting stats that make hospital visits scary) and much much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 40  Man hospitalized after airport fire. (A maintenance test gone wrong) Pilot Error not to blame for Madrid air crash. (Sadly, the human will be in there somewhere) Leaking hydraulic line sparked Osprey fire. (Not the first time that has occurred) TSB finds 8 factors in crash (This one is real close to home) Lack of Awareness and Teamwork. (A human error with a happy ending - no accident) and much more as always. Thanks Roger.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 39  Qantas engineer's false safety checks. Qantas baggage handlers sue over work injuries. (Both not the headlines any company wants) Airline maintenance cuts "threaten safety." (The ole try & save now but pay a lot more later) 5 things you didn't know: Plane crash. (Very interesting; specially the odds)  No more blame & shame (The medical are learning from us) and much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 38  Revealed: Damning new evidence of fatal flaws in RAF death crash Nimrod jets. Convair 580 crashed on first flight after cable-rigging check.   Human error shatters Westair 41 year Maintenance record (the human again)COD Cater Object Damage.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 37  Bad fuel-line coupling suspected after fire wrecks 747. (I suspect bad maintenance error ) Madrid crash investigation finds wing flaps failed. (No the human failed) Lessons learned, says owner. (Very expensive lesson) DOT report says FAA should avoid "nasty shocks." (Better referred to "overkill or kneejerk reaction") Line technician killed by turning prop. Leaking fuel pump fitting causes explosion. (Another loose B nut - read "Price of a Mistake" video case study to see what can occur) and much more including more Fatigue information.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 36  Aircraft mechanic gets prison for fraud. (Well deserved) Qantas pilots seek role in maintenance. (They have one - report problems) Madrid air crash investigators explore "pilot error" possibility. (But did maintenance set them up with no warning horn?) When a tragedy becomes a crime. (This does nothing to advance aviation Safety but promotes the "revenge mentality.")  Some great stuff on the worse of the dirty dozen - Fatigue and much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 35  Fuel blast probe reveals workers fatal error. (4 unnecessary deaths)  FAA recommends "Re-evaluate" tugs involved in near miss. (Good idea when 2 aircraft come within 25 FT of colliding) Missing washer destroyed aircraft.  Interim report of British Airways B777 crash. (It doesn't look like maintenance played any role)  Improvement needed after Qantas maintenance review.  Flaps not extended on ill-fated Spanair jet. (Why didn't the warning horn sound?) and much more
  •  Volume 4 Issue 34  Regulators seek $18,000 penalty for United. (That's an expensive maintenance error) Crash of Itek Air B 737. (They were banned from Europe for a reason) Spanair crash probe update.  Air tour Maintenance. (Lack of Knowledge can be deadly) Geography lesson for pilots and travelers. (This is worth going to) More sleep equals fewer mistakes for hospital interns. (Note their hours of work) and much more as always.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 33  Cargo door opened in flight. (Not a reason to die but they did) Pilots furious over TSA damaged airplanes. (So would I be) Crash of Spanair MD82. (Sure hope that maintenance didn't contribute to those 153 deaths) Safety concerns about European airlines. (90% of snags occur on the final flight of the day - get-home-itis?) and lots more including the usual midnight sleep nugget.  Great work Roger!
  •  Volume 4 Issue 32   Maintenance Brotherhood. (That is a display of professionalism to a fellow professional) US Airways employee dies in mishap.  Fatigue continues to cause accidents. (Fatigue is easily the #1 of the dirty dozen contributing factors to human error) Identifying who survives disasters - and why. (The secret?  Being mentally prepared) Why do doctors kill more people than airline pilots? (Hospitals are 33,000 times more dangerous than flying) and much much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 31  FOD blamed for Learjet accident. (but maintenance contributed)  ICAO wants "just culture" Safety reporting and investigation global. (So do I)  FAA: L.A.B. negligent in maintenance. (Read where the micrometer was) The severed wire bundle case. (Now that qualifies for Reckless behaviour) Midnight shift nugget. (Alcohol & sleep don't mix) and much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 30  Three planes collide, damage in millions. (No one killed at least) Plane makes an emergency landing at Sea-Tac. (I wonder if Pressure was a contributing factor?) Pilots ignore alerts over faulty planes.  (Its called "Get-home-itis") Gimli Glider revisited.  (I remember that one well) and, as always, much, much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 29  Inquest. (Another unnecessary death) Sweat the small stuff. (The secret to a successful SMS) Crew believed that the gear was down. (Saved by a "gut-feeling")  Dual engine failure cited in B 747 crash. (Maintenance or Pilot or both error?) Hospitals work to cure errors. (They're human also) and much more. (Great work Roger; Thanks for sharing)
  •  Volume 4 Issue 28  US seeks to improve runway Safety. (Great idea. Traffic lights for aircraft) Kalitta engine fire. (Maintenance or lack of?) NTSB Safety recommendations. (All for these) From nose to tail. (All to easy to do) FAA multimedia tools for human factors presentations. (A real good start and the price is right) American spends $20,000 per minute on jet fuel. (Wow. Won't complain so much when I fill up) and much more
  •  Volume 4 Issue 27  NTSB investigation into Senator Obama airplane. (This could be maintenance)  NTSB updates 767 cargo plane fire. (Sure fortunate that it occurred on the ground) Industry threats and Stress. (As the price of oil goes up so does everyone's stress) Conviction denounced. (Great way to encourage persons to hide their errors)  Surgeons, pilots trade Safety ideas. (Well worth reading) and lots more as always.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 26  Continental to stand trial for Concorde crash. (That will be a lawyer orgy)  Nosegear collapses during towing. (Miscommunication with ground crew that will be very expensive and very avoidable)  SMS on horizon in aviation industry. (Done right, it will further lower our accident rate)  Workplace. (An interesting article) Napping. (The Power Nap - A must read and heed) and much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 25  Maintenance needs Professional Standards. (I agree with John Goglia there)  Navy maintenance mishap. (Add bullets to your daily hazards)  Ten most tragic celebrity air accidents. (Who can forget the day the music died)  Do not mix oxygen & oil. (The picture tells it all) and lots of other great information thanks to Roger and jetBlue  
  •  Volume 4 Issue 24  Mechanic dies in engine accident. (Not a good way to end ones career)  NWA mechanics at fault in cowl incident. (Why did the pilots continue the flight?)  FAA told to address crew fatigue.  (Long overdue)  Sudan crash probe underway and much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 23  B-2 crash caused by waterlogged sensors. ($1.4 Billion $ up in smoke due to a lack of "Tribal knowledge." Lack of Communication at its worse) NTSB recommends Fatigue Management System. (Sure agree there) Airplane heal thyself. (Science Fiction coming true?) FAA progresses toward Safety Management System. (Will the trust be there to make it work?) and lots more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 22  Air France sues over crash.  (The pilot always makes the final decision) Pilot dies after technical fault not reported. (Little things can become big fatal things) 3 AMEs suspended for nosewheel crash. (Must have done it on purpose?) Wanted Aviation Mechanics. (Who like lots of stress and low pay but love airplanes) and lots more.  Thanks Roger.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 21  Mishap ruins new chopper.  (And someone's career?) 747 crashes on take off.  (Lucky no fire or injuries) Tragedy won't be repeated. (Wonderful when we actually learn from our mistakes) And much more
  •  Volume 4 Issue 20  Missing bolt causes nosegear up landing. (Another human error) Navy Maintenance mishap summary. (Forgotten tools are a universal problem) US DOT calls for better FAA/Airline coordination on AD compliance. (Thousands of passengers would agree with that and so would I)  Criminalizing air accidents blocks air Safety. Don't let a hospital kill you. (This is a must read) And much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 1  Engineers suspended for nosewheel crash. (Not the first time this has happened)  Bad wiring caused crash. (A miniature SwissAir?)  BA 777 had low fuel pressure. (Now the hard part - Why?) ATC at fault in fatal crash. (They're human too) Airline fined for workplace safety violations and lots more. 
  •  Volume 4 Issue 18  AMT day passes house. (One step closer to well deserved reality)  Time pressure situation. (Easy to do and easy to prevent)  Community service for crash manslaughter. (Appropriate for a non criminal act) Danger on the ground. (With my $200 car GPS accurate within 10 feet why do we have runway incursions?)  Safety Medical Organization adopts Aviation methods to reduce errors. (I'm all for that) and a lot more good stuff.  Thanks Roger.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 17  Airport failed to spot jet damage. (Unclear manual and inadequate were the contributing factors) Warning issued on planes mechanic fixed. (There's a mechanic in a lot of trouble) Nigeria: Poor aircraft maintenance hinders Aviation Safety. (Corruption doesn't help either) work hassles impact sleep. (Any hassle will) and much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 16  Investigators find more faulty wing fasteners. (Maintenance or design fault?) Aileron rigging error missed on preflight. (Missed on the required independent inspection also)  Mechanic accused of falsifying records. (1 mechanic - 4 helicopters would require "pencil whipping" IF you wanted them all to fly) Mistakes killed parachutists.  No leniency for blatant AD abuse (Define blatant) and much more.  Thanks Roger and jetBlue for your hard work preparing this. 
  •  Volume 4 Issue 15  French prosecutors want to charge Continental employees with manslaughter. (Revenge or to be seen to be doing something?) Inquiry looks at FAA actions after mechanic killed.  NTSB aviation accident statistics. (We now kill more mechanics than passengers)  Tire falls from helicopter. (They make cartoons about this) Fatigue can be fatal.  Employee killed on ramp.  Top 10 most dangerous jobs (Check out # 2 and take up mining)) and much much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 14  Mechanic dies. Qantas worker dies. (We work in a dangerous industry where one misstep can be your last) Offside ASRS report. (Maintenance can cause runway incursions as well as pilots) Can airport nightmare happen here? (This is a must read for all Canadians - and I like to think the answer is no)  Just Culture system for nurses and much much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 13  Classic traps. (The forget the unimportant washer trap) Adam Air final report. (It resembles Eastern Flight 401 all over) Brake problems led to skid. (Crossed wires usually end in unwelcome surprises) Canadian crash court attacks airline culture. (It's always there in the background)  Sound effects. (If you snore or know someone who does read this one) and lots more. Great stuff Roger. Thanks
  •  Volume 4 Issue 12  Man killed didn't follow the rules. (Rules are there to act as Safety Nets to keep you alive) Pilots possibility asleep during Hawaii flight. (If you are fatigued, eventually you will sleep and it may not be when you want to)  NTSB tired of inaction on fatigue. (So am I) Parts left behind. (Maintenance will take a hit for that delay) Toyota develop a jet? (If so it will likely be reliable) and much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 11  Crossed wires cause accident. (Easy to do and can be hard to detect) Airline reviews maintenance. (So would I with a 10 million fine hanging over my head) Manslaughter and negligence sentences upheld. (When 118 people die, they just have to blame someone) How to minimize jet lag. (Teleconferencing?) And much more on Fatigue our # 1 enemy and more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 10  Tissue's the issue. (Amazing how simple things can have grave consequences)  Falling piece was aircraft maintenance device. (Just be glad that it didn't kill someone) FAA criticized in report on airplane parts. FAA proposes record $10 million fine. (That's a lot of money for an error that they reported on themselves)  Help wanted: Airplane mechanics.  (I wonder why?? My son earns more as an auto body repairman and has never had to work midnights) and much more including more info on Fatigue.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 9  DC-9 runs amok. (Not the first time that has happened) Hurry up errors.  Jet slides off runway.  Venezuela plane crash leaves 46 dead.  Pilot fired for buzzing airport.  All clear given prematurely. (It was not all clear)  Safety procedures not followed. (even trains can kill) and much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 8  Poor maintenance causes fatal helicopter crash. (Pity that it so often takes a crash to discover this)  Airline suspends pilots who over flew airport. (When the body says you are going to sleep, you will)  Qantas Safety record under threat. (This is publicity that no airline wants)  Fasten your seatbelt. (Check out the survival seating chart) And a lot more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 7  ATR accident report. (Stores contributed to this one along with a lot of others) Dangerous planes flew for years. (Maintenance sure contributed to this one)  Icing linked to crash. (Way too soon to tell) Demand for better aircraft maintenance. (All for that)  Human error causes cruise ship to tilt. (Other forms of transportation have their human error problems as well) More on Fatigue and other useful material.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 6  Worker killed on tarmac. (Another unnecessary loss of life)  Aircraft loses engine. (A simple maintenance error proves costly)  Aircraft engineer charged with forgery (And so he should be) Four plane wreck at airport.  (Sure hope maintenance wasn't involved) and much more.  Thanks Roger
  • Volume 4 Issue 5  Investigators look at fuel system. (Something caused the loss of power)  World airline accidents in 2007. (Maintenance is in there as a contributor) Qantas probe finds more faults. (What one clogged drain and a cracked tray can do) Ageing electrics cause Safety problems. (Most of today's aircraft are "fly by wire") and much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 4  Pilot a hero at Heathrow. (I sure hope that it stays that way)  Pilots deceived by fuel gauge. (Maintenance error set them up)  Baggage door open fatal. (Maintenance or Pilot error?) Training lowers pilot error. (Sure agree with that one. Works for maintenance also)  Medical Students learn how to prevent errors and much more.
  • Volume 4 Issue 3   Fight between pilot & mechanic halts fight. (So much for teamwork but who won?) B 737 strikes car. runway accidents linked to Human Error. (That should come as no surprise) Australian Gov't lobs shot at engine manufacturers (Note the 12 contributing factors - they look very familiar) and lots more.
  • Volume 4 Issue 2   Airline fatal events 2007. (Better but still too high) FAA boosts wiring safety.  (More maintenance inspections is a great safety net) Shortage of AMEs (Try paying them what they're worth would help) Controller error due to fatigue. (7 straight days and in double overtime does that to you) Hard hats - A good knight idea. (Long overdue) Head injury numbers. (These should make a believer out of you) and much more.
  •  Volume 4 Issue 1  Wrong gas pumped in. (Fortunately the system wasn't used or maintenance could have been responsible for a lot of fatalities) Engine blast peppers fuselage.  String of blunders doom crew. (Often known as the Chain of Events)  Safety Culture can reduce Human Error. (Cliff Edwards sure has that right) Hearing loss risk. Midnight shift nugget (Some good stuff here) and much more


Once more our thanks go out to Roger Hughes & jetBlue for this excellent Safety information.  May everyone have a Safe 2008

  •  Volume 3 Issue 46  Air France crash report out. (Human error once more)  Flight attendant blown out of aircraft. (Lucky it was still on the ground but there's a design flaw here) Safety Issues. (Training is a Safety net that it doesn't pay to put holes in)  Africa - Highest number of accidents.  (Africa, sadly, lacks a Safety culture)  and much more
    Merry Christmas to all and a Safe 2008 
    Gordon & Roger

  •  Volume 3 Issue 45   NTSB adds Worker Fatigue to "Most Wanted" list.  (It's time we recognize its dangerous contribution to human error)  Air Transat rudder loss report is out. (Maintenance failed the tap test) MD-90 loses 3 meter long part on takeoff. (They called it a mistake in the workshop)  A lot more on fatigue and more.
  •  Volume 3 Issue 44   Faulty fuel filter Fatal. (Maintenance again) Guess the #1 air travel threat?  (It's not Ben Laden)  70 years ago the "Spruce Goose" flew.  Graveyard shift linked to cancer (Another reason not to like it) and much more on sleep or the lack of it.
  •  Volume 3 Issue 43   Plane Crash Report. (Listen to your AMT)  Toulouse A-340 Crash. (Looks like a $218 million maintenance error) Hospital drug errors. (They're human too)  Ejector seats activates. (Just out of maintenance) Metal fatigue cause engine loss? Some great stuff on stress and more.
  •  Volume 3 Issue 42   Airbus ground accident.  (Its not everyday that maintenance gets to write off an aircraft with 0 hours on it)  Cockpit device averts collision. (That's what it's designed to do)  AD coming for entertainment wires. (The pilots will to be able to turn off your TV) FAA mandates new wiring safety measures. (To protect the wiring from maintenance) Fuselage punctured.  Breakfast is important.  (I like the part about improved memory) and more.   Good stuff Roger. Thanks
  •  Volume 3 Issue 41   Pilot steps into rotor blades. (A fatal error) Engine falls off airplane. (That will get the passengers paying attention to the briefing) Skimping on fuel.  Forgot the battery. (More like bureaucracy wouldn't buy them UNTIL this happens)  Fatigue - key to mistakes among pilots (And maintenance also) Missing wingtip OK to fly.  (Not if I'm in it) Stressful jobs can be fatal and a lot more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 40  Third accident may be maintenance. (We did it again)  Pilot slept on overnight flight (Not the first time this has happened)  Safety Standdown draws hundreds (Excellent. Wish I could have been there)  Maintenance failed Sea King.  Direct Atlantic flights barred due poor maintenance.  (Much better than aircraft ditches in ocean due to poor maintenance)  Parts shortage grounds helicopters.  Baggage falling from sky.  Oxygen and hydraulic oil kills (a must read if you didn't know) and much much  more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 39  27 Dash 8's grounded. (Likely more political than Safety)  Hole in jet. (Human Error at work again)  Aircraft Engineer crushed to death.  (A Hit & Run???) Hangar door death. (Short cuts can have a nasty bite years later) Pilot ignored 15 alarms. (Some people just won't listen) More Fatigue tips and a lot more   Great job Roger & JetBlue. Thanks from all of us.
  •  Volume 3 Issue 38  Employee death shuts down baggage elevators.  (That's one way to prevent another death)  Runaway baggage carts strike aircraft in Vegas.  (Just bad luck? I'll bet not)  ATC failure saved by cellphones.  (Ingenuity at work)  More Fatigue nuggets and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 37  Operators cut corners at price of Safety.  (That's Risk Management at its worse)  Crane Operator not a marshaller.  (Assume did it again) Airbus lands with parking brake on.  (another job for the computer to check)  More on Fatigue, a great poem and much more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 36   Poor decision doomed jet.  95% air crashes caused by human error. (We used to say 80%)  Close calls - a forgotten message (These are our "Free Lessons" we don't take advantage of)  Fatal crashes down 65% (That's good news)  More on Fatigue and much more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 34  Last word "Landing."  The near miss (Also called the "Free Lesson")   Half of bolts below standard ( Not Good) and much more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 33   Bombardier probes crash(es). (Ouch; this is going to be costly) Hot Boeing windshields. (Cross threading is so easy to avoid)  Human error caused A380 wing damage. (Airplanes don't attack hangars by themselves; yet)  Fatigue fighters (We can always use these but the price?) and much more.  Thanks Roger and jetBlue for some interesting reading material we can use to learn from.
  •  Volume 3 Issue 32   Bolt missing in wing. (For want of a washer an aircraft was lost) Passengers criticize evacuation instructions. (Who remembers the briefing?)  Taiwan's Unfriendly Skies. Fake engineers flew coop (10 years jail and a multi-million $ fine is a strong motivator to leave) Seatbelt kills Snowbird pilot. (Sadly,the problem was first detected 5 years earlier) and much more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 31  China Airlines maintenance under scrutiny.  Qantas discovers a fake maintainer signing out aircraft. (There has been fake pilots in the past)  Low fuel error. (Lots of fuel, just in wrong tank)  Fuel truck hits aircraft. (Fatigue strikes again)  Safety Management Systems for maintainers (This one is a must to read)  and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 30   Fuel gushes from aircraft. (Not Maintenance Error I hope)  NTSB maintenance Safety Recommendations.  (The failure gave lots of hints before hand)  Both right engines fail. (Finger trouble?)  Managing Stress. (Or it will manage you)  and much more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 29  Airline with worst baggage record fires workers for a different reason.  (Maybe they were trying to get what they thought they were worth?)  Helicopter crew distracted.  Deadly danger of distractions.  (A common part of modern life that is so preventable)  Manslaughter charges too severe for maintenance lapse. (Is Revenge is the main reason for the charges?)  Qantas rues crude repairs. (SOMEONE must have thought it was the right thing to do)  and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 28   Airline employee dies. (Sounds all too familiar)  Maintenance leaves rag on generator. (Fortunately it only caused a small fire) Maintenance error causes depressurization.  (What ever happened to pressurizing on the ground to test?)  Maggie's Law and FMS. (We need this) and much more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 27  Airline employee dies. (Another unnecessary death)  Work before Safety Inquiry (Each time you get away with it makes it seem OK until one day...) Jury awards $54 million for 2 injured in plane crash. (Ever wonder why aviation parts are so expensive?)  and more  Thanks JetBlue for helping keep us aware - it could happen to us!
  •  Volume 3 Issue 26  Pilot Error strikes again, (But fatigue, complacency and lack of awareness are the cause of the errors in judgment)  Helo Accident could have been prevented (The loose B nut strikes again)  Woman killed by blade strike. (Now that can be prevented)  Accident caused by wrong glue (It was cheaper until the lawsuits start) and much more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 25   Runway not to blame. (But it will be a link in the chain of events)  Baggage loader locked in hold. (Lucky he had a cell phone) World Airline Safety good so far. (Unless you are one of the 312 dead)  Hospitals using aviation Safety tools. (I'm all for that)  The Human Factor (Done right it is a long term useful tool) Near collision. (This is happening too often) and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 24   Remembering Maggie. (fatigue can and does kill)  Loose fuel fitting causes fire. (Not the first and sadly likely not the last) Faulty maintenance may lead to disaster.  (I certainly agree) Maintenance sued. (maintenance sets the pilot up to make his error) nose gear collapse and more 
    And if you have a choice - fly JetBlue as they are taking Safety, your Safety, seriously.  Gordon
  •  Volume 3 Issue 23  Oxygen generators fuel fire. (fortunately not onboard an aircraft this time)  B 737 crashes; five killed, (Africa once more adds to its sad score)  Nose gear collapse, (That can happen when "gear up" is selected and a maintenance error is involved) CRM saves lives (Human Factors training for maintenance does also) and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 22   Engine failure traced to faulty FCU, ( Human error once more) Jury convicts ex aircraft business owner, (Justification for this) Ten face prosecution over Sea King tragedy, (Read how revenge is used for what likely was likely a honest mistake) How much water should you drink? and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 21  Forgotten cart leads to aircraft damage. (Its easy to forget when distracted) System to blame as well as pilot. (Root causes often set the pilot up for his error)  Faulty repair lead to Chalks crash. (A bad repair can take many years to kill) Deprivation hurts Safety and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 20  Loose fuel line causes power loss, (they just won't run without fuel - another maintenance error) Hole in fuselage, (another one but not an Aloha thank goodness) Insurance company sues pilot,  Runaway trim may have caused fatalities, (did maintenance play a role?)  Crash inquest hears Safety questions, (management too focused on profit) Fatigue vs. function and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 19  Poor maintenance, "sloppy" corporate culture blamed for fatal crash, (a reason to bring in SMS) airline mechanic sucked in, (not a good way to end your career) cargo worker killed, (another needless death) midnight shift nugget (if it can help keep you alert at that time - try it) and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 18  Hole in fuselage ends NWA flight, (happily not an "Aloha convertible" hole)  FAA hands out Diamond Awards for "Excellence in Training," (good news for a change) Skyguide failures blamed for plane crash, (charges of negligent manslaughter will do nothing to prevent it from happening again) could this be you? (read and think about it.  Would you be the person saying nothing?) and much more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 17   Airline worker dies, (another unnecessary death)  Misrouted control cable, (even duplicate inspections aren't foolproof) Pilot took off with malfunctioning engine, (hammer & chisel are not good bearing installation tools) dieing for a living, worried? (Than read this one)  and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 16  Loose coupling causes tail rotor failure, (maintenance failure cause) Engineer reports Safety concerns, (and action is taken after an accident) when mistakes are made - report them, (now that is an excellent idea) top 10 stressful jobs, (No we didn't make the list) strategies to improve memory, (I sure can use that) and more.
  •  Volume 3 Issue 15  FAA/ATA Human Factors Maintenance & Ramp Safety Symposium (Well worth attending if you can),  helicopter crash recently repaired, (maintenance error?),  Fatigued blamed in plane crash 747 crushes tow tractor (It can be dangerous out there) and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 13  Differing between human and mechanical failure, (The odds are it was a human error) elevator partially detaches on takeoff, (How many times had it been inspected between 1999 & 2005?) fatigue's threats to air safety, (The greater the fatigue, the greater the "I don't care attitude") Pilots take a nap while flying, and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 12  Death on the ramp,(Again)  bump caps, (Let he/she who has never bumped his/her head speak up), US puts warning on Indonesian airlines, Australia's safety record, Tips for fatigue, (Read this if you have a sleep problem or work shift work) and more 
  •  Volume 3 Issue 11  This one is late by my error (05-07) Oil pump failure causes accident (maintenance forget to install the bushings),  CRM Meltdown, Copter crash blamed on maintenance, (Sadly, it happens again),  Comair says pilots errored  (so did we in the spelling) and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 10  The importance of turnover (The Mental Pictures must match), Indonesia's wild aviation, (Anything goes) The Near Miss (read this as this is what SMS is all about), your heart at work, and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 9  New discoveries in the Garuda crash, Pilots support Canadian Safety bill, (So do I), fatigue costing billions, longer breaks needed, (More power to the "Power Nap") and more 
  •  Volume 3 Issue 8  Air Safety approach criticized, (I don't agree here) airliner crash in Indonesia, (again), aircraft age ban, (its not the age, its the maintenance or lack of), bogus parts, (still), jet-lag,  Safety culture and more 
  •  Volume 3 Issue 7  Fatigue causes stab failure, new scrutiny for tired aircraft metal. Long hospital shifts Increase fatigue related mistakes, (that shouldn't be a surprise), sleep deprivation in the military, (now these stats ARE a surprise),  fatigue at 30,000 feet and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 6  Aircraft propeller claims life (not a pretty way to die but you won't see it coming), workers injured when tire explodes, airline will no longer punish for fatalities, lack of O2 almost destroys aircraft, night shift, (I sure agree with this article) crash report reveals system flaws and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 5  Near miss in Denver (another "Free Lesson"), Elevator cable misrigged, (Misrigged 1998 -Fails 2006. What about inspections in between?) Outsourcing safety concern, Adam Air Safety problems, Health quiz and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 4   Fedex to help train mechanics (All of aviation benefits from a donation like this), Blame laid in Brazil air crash, Control tower policy violations in Lexington, workplace stress management, (well worth reading and heeding) and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 3  Citation crashes in California, Kentucky pilots in crash violated rules (The question is WHY) WW2 aircraft restored, Reaction to a crash, (Adam Air warning signs) managing depression and more 
  •  Volume 3 Issue 2   NTSB updates, Cargo door opens in flight, (More lost baggage?) Russian air Safety plan in the works (Excellent idea), drunken Ukrainian pilots imprisoned in Norway, and more
  •  Volume 3 Issue 1   2006 a good year for Safety, (unless you were one of the 1292 killed)  What is ergonomics? (man vs. machine) Ground damaged aircraft lands Safely, (it should never have taken off), Pilot with alcohol breath fired, Neglect and failures cause crash, (maintenance failed once more) How to improve your memory and more

Thanks Roger & jetBlue for a great year of Safety information. Happy 2007

  •  Volume 2 Issue 43  Tired? Take a spit test, Fatigue causes 747 fatal crash,  aircraft smashes tug, (that's a costly lack of ground handling equipment maintenance), Human Error blames for fatal plane crash, (surprised?) Students study B-52 human factors and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 42   New Aircraft technician ratings proposed, (about time) Employee run over by plane, Mechanical problem causes helicopter crash, (wrong bolt length causes unnecessary loss of 3 lives), jet narrowly avoids crash landing (computer distraction) Criminalizing Aviation Accidents and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 41  US Air Force has Safest year,(always good to hear)  paint chips cause MD80 problems, (maintenance error?) next generation mechanic, (this guy has been around since the early 737 days and are called unit jerkers)   crossed fuel lines, false indication causes fatalities, (sadly both maintenance & pilot error) managing arthritis (for those over 65 and some younger) and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 40  Man walks into a spinning propeller,(and lives) NTSB accident reports, runway close calls, (almost another Tennerife) NASA Safety reporting system - 30 years old, (I wonder how many lives its saved by knowing) Monday morning blues, (interesting) ferry pilot jailed for fatal crash, ladder Safety and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 39  Half of US runways lack a Safety zone, (Interesting to know how that compares to the rest of the world) NTSB accident reports - improper maintenance, contaminated fuel, improper loading, plot ignored storm advice, pilot faulted in Nigerian crash, (human error at its worse) pilots can teach hospitals about patient Safety (we all can learn from the mistakes of others) and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 38  Bad week for Continental and not much better of Alaska, (Proves that pilots are human to) FAA-ATA Human Factors in Maintenance and Ramp a success, (Its a worthwhile subject) Transport Canada to regulate maintenance hours of work, (Difficult but necessary) Avionics 70% of maintenance workload in new fighter and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 37  Improper control cable routing, (independent inspections are supposed to prevent this) 3 hurt in jet blast, Nigerian plane crash blamed on weather and pilots, Tools make the maintainer, (make him broke as well)  Concordes left to rot, stressed out (This is sad) - drink tea (this is a new one) and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 36   What comes after Human Factors? (excellent article on SMS) USAF has decrease in fatalities, (Good News) Engine failures point to overhaul problems, Inflight fires are a Safety threat, (that's a given) plane back row seats are no safer, (but planes don't back into mountains) Long hours lead to medical errors and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 35   Report on Ground Worker's death, (it didn't have to happen) Helios crash report, (maintenance played a supporting role in this one) wrong sized bolts contribute to crash, (not the first time that's happened - BAC1-11 windshield change) Bombardier's Safety standdown, LAX runway incursion and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 33  Human Error in Brazilian collision, (no maintenance error with a transponder I hope)  everyday error causes most airplane crashes, (but not everyday thank goodness)  medical mistakes 30 times worse than 9/11 (now if we could use even a fraction of the homeland security money on this - think of the lives we would save)  fiery statistics and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 28  Eight controllers charged with "homicide by negligence", another ground worker killed, service truck hits aircraft, did laptop batteries cause aircraft fire? secret cost of fatigue and much more
  •   Volume 2 Issue 27  Maintenance error causes landing gear accident, microsleep can = dead sleep, (good work Roger) loss of situational awareness causes crash, controls misrigged fatal, human error in aviation maintenance (great article) and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 26  Pilot error again in A 320 crash, aging rules don't apply to smaller aircraft, near miss at O'Hare, pilot with alcohol on breath fired, geologist killed by helicopter blade (this should not be happening), HF training contributes to a Safety break (great) and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 25  Maintenance error results in in-flight fuel leak, (fortunately it didn't ignite) Poor maintenance in air cargo operations, man dies walking into tail rotor (another one), electrical arcing causes fuel tank explosion, the benefits of breakfast and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 24  Russian Airbus crash, Flight 800 after 10 years, Learjet safety stand-down,  maintenance and pilot error cause helicopter crash, education key to Safety (I'll sure agree with that) and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 23   Lack of fuel causes crash,  maintenance errors result in $51 million settlement, crew fatigue, human error leads to B 747crash, Jazz maintenance is the best (Glad to hear that one) and more 
  •  Volume 2 Issue 22   Workers legs are severed by B-747, Batteries caused fire? Maintenance issue with tiny airline, eggs and you and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 21  CAA probe jet maintenance claims, pilot error blamed for C5 crash, education key to aviation Safety, (That I believe) Air Canada subsidiary suspends whistleblower mechanics, Canadian judge calls for air Safety  investigation and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 20  A PIT of a landing, another fuel tank explosion, human error for Cypriot Crash (maintenance set them up: contribute to their error) shiftwork myths, (this is hard to believe) beating tension headaches and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 19  This day (29 years) in history, another worker sucked into an engine, (see Volume 2 Issue 4) jet runs off runway, FAA debuts online HF training, (and you can even take the course online) bad repair causes crash,  Human Error in the workplace and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 18  This day (10 years) in history, B-1 damaged in gear up, Indonesia bans Boeing 737-200s, Plane bumped by fuel truck, 10 tips for a better memory (I can sure use this one) and more
  •   Volume 2 Issue 17   Poor maintenance causes Convair crash (this is all too familiar), Cloud over Airbus after latest fatal crash, poor planning led to accident, aircraft lands with blown tires, lack of sleep & hypertension and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 16  Another runway incident, Crash due to human factors (80% plus of the time that will be right), Crashed aircraft had out of date inspection, Human error in medicine and sleeping pills
  •   Volume 2 Issue 15  Training fault of MU 2 Safety woes, (and a lot of lives) JAL exhibits B747 wreckage, (One way to maintain awareness of what maintenance error can do) job stress & more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 14  Two charged in faking jet maintenance, (better known as "pencil whipping")  chunk of jet engine falls to earth, Pilots errors led to fatal air-show crash, jet lag and more 
  •  Volume 2 Issue 13  Skymark ignores Boeing Safety instructions, BA fined for flying "unfit" jet, GM killed by helicopter blades, Pilot killed talking on cell phone (It had to happen sooner or later) and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 12   KLM/Pam Am - 29 years ago, Metal damages fighter jet, RJ lands with gear problems, Helios crash was "waiting to happen" Safety and the bottom line and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 11  Fuel truck hits airplane, 45 injured in B 737 landing, Increase in Aviation accidents in 2005, NASA to Employees - Be More Careful (That should do it) and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 10  747 blows nose in test, Pilot Error causes FA death, South Korea concerned over Low Cost airlines, cracks in wings cause fatal plane crash, Importance of breakfast and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 9  Airport worker killed on tarmac (it's dangerous out there), bad taxiing causes wing ding, wrongful death suit against Chalk's manufacturer, Failed engine cylinder cited in NTSB ruling and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 8   Chopper accident kills worker (another one), NTSB blames mechanic for plane crash, Plane crash due to wrong fuel tank, response to demands for FAA repair station training and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 7   Anger in the workplace, Two injured when plane slides into jetway, How stress affected comprehension (well worth reading), Fuel truck clips aircraft and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 6  Insomnia Costs Companies, NTSB report on Mechanic fatality, NTSB - Bad maintenance Downed aircraft, SAS aircraft flew without inspections and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 5  Workplace Distractions Costly, Heart Health, Worker Suffers Electrical Shock, 1985 JAL Wreckage on Display, Report Blames NASA Culture for Tragedy and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 4  Airline Mechanic killed by jet engine, (not the first time its happened), Safety: Airlines vs. Hospital, Warning on aviation Safety in Europe, Japan Airlines suffers - "Big company disease", Six reasons why you need your sleep (Only Six?) and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 3  Landing gear problem causes Alaska Airlines return, JAL MD-90 lands with safety pin locking thrust reverser, Alaska Airlines faces 1/2 million dollar fine for maintenance error and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 2  Hard work is key to fulfillment, 3 Alaska air mishaps blamed on ground crew, Sloppy repair in Chalk Crash? Probable cause of NC Sheriff Helio crash and more
  •  Volume 2 Issue 1  The importance of exercise, Alaska Airlines pressurization loss, Doomed Helios flight, Maintenance Manual Error


May your new year be a Safe one. Gordon & Roger

  •  Volume 1 Issue 7   Money woes affects work performance, Workaholism, 20 years since the Gander crash and more
  •  Volume 1 Issue 6  Cockpit rule violated in Chicago accident, Probable cause/Contributing Factors, Crisis in Aviation, Two Nigerian Airlines Grounded, and more.
  •  Volume 1 Issue 5  Sick Leave. Iran Air Safety. Passenger Safety on Airbus 380. Oil Leak and Pilots only to Blame?
  •  Volume 1 Issue 4  Australian fatal Sea King accident, a loose fuel line court case, a mid air helicopter accident and more
  •  Volume 1 Issue 3  Industry briefs, Exercise and work performance, Causes of plane crashes and more airline maintenance oversight needed
  •  Volume 1 Issue 2  Runway near misses a Safety concern, How much is enough caffeine, Plane pieces combed for clues, Air drama as jets near collide
  •  Volume 1 Issue 1  Air France crash in Toronto, Nigeria Safety, Cargo jet take off on Taxiway and Runway near misses