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Our Christmas Greeting 2021

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AME History - Part 2 by Roger Beebe

AME History - Part 1 by Roger Beebe

 What is the history of the AME? Take a moment and have a read!




by Greg Michael Mellema

 TA Dissertation Submitted to the College of Aviation in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Aviation

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“I Ain’t Gonna Do This Stuff” by Gordon Dupont

 The following article talks of one man who was determined to not do the Human Performance in Maintenance workshop...  See what he had to say by the end of the workshop.  Click on the picture to the left to see his Evaluation.


A Safety Management System Made Easy

The following article demonstrates just how simple SMS is and what is required to make a SMS System work.  The model used was developed in 1995 to illustrate where human factors training fit in, as many felt it was an orphan when in fact it is a key component in what was then called the “Big Picture.”  It has been updated since 1995 as the “Big Picture is nothing more than SMS.  See for yourself.

  Why Two Facilitators? -  With everyone looking at ways to cut costs these days, this question is heard more and more often. It is a valid question as many workshops are offered with only one facilitator providing the information. So why two?


Human Factors Climate After Reorganization - What happens to organizations when they merge?  What are the feeling involved?  Can the old employees overcome the resentment they feel?  It is important when a companies merge that it is done correctly. 

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The Glycemic Index of Selected Foods -
Interesting facts about how the foods we eat can affect our work performance - We like to call them the "No No - So So - Go Go foods"

BS00806A.gif (2320 bytes)"Attitudes"- This is a story that really makes you think about the decisions we make about how we live our lives.  Urban legend? You make the decision.

"Dehydration - A Hidden Source of Fatigue" - This article may come as a surprise to a lot of you as if you are like me, you always thought dehydration was not a problem unless you were hot and thirsty.

  "Cinderella in The Flight Department"

Gisele Richardson, of Richardson Management Associates Ltd., kindly forwarded a copy of her excellent address which, when I first heard it many years ago, became a major motivator for me to work in human factors.  She was right on the money 15 years ago and still is today.

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"Safety Review - What it is and why do I need it"

This article will explain the difference between a safety review and an audit.


The following is an excellent thesis on delivering human factors training within a performance-excellence framework.

Adrian Xavier is an officer with the Republic of Singapore Air Force working on his master's degree. He is very familiar with the subject matter and has provided some excellent insight into maintenance human factors.


Common Sense

My friend wrote this excellent article on Common Sense and has kindly sent it to me so that I can share with you.  Take a minute and read it.

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Are You Drinking Enough WATER?

This image provides an indicator of the person's level of hydration. The darker the colour, the greater likelihood of dehydration and danger of heat stress.  Feel free to copy and post in appropriate locations.