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Ground Effects


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Ground Effects was a newsletter published from July 1996 to Winter of 2004 by the Maintenance and Ramp Safety Society (MARSS) with the goal of reporting aviation maintenance and Ground Crew Error Reduction Efforts. This newsletter has been archived here for some of its excellent articles which apply today.

  • Volume 6 Issue 3  This is the 22st issue! In this issue of GroundEffects: We are all Part of a Team, The 33 Greatest Lies in Aviation, Aviation Humor and much more.

  • Volume 6 Issue 2  This is the 21st issue! In this issue of GroundEffects: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation,  The Birth of Maintenance Human Factors, Human Factors Climate after Reorganization and much more.

  • Volume 6 Issue 1  This is the 20th issue! In this issue of GroundEffects: Human Error in Aviation Maintenance - the Years to Come, Human Factors in Maintenance Training - A Way of the Future, 15th Symposium on Human Factors, etc.

  • Volume 5 Issue 4  This is the 19th issue! In this issue of GroundEffects: Structured Communication As a Risk Management Tool, 15th Symposium on Human Factors, Aircraft Maintenance Error Management in Hong Kong, Human Factor Training in Hong Kong

  • Volume 5 Issue 3  In the 18th issue of GroundEffects: Help for the Shiftworker, Managing Safety, A Canadian Perspective, Free Online Courses for AME's, Human Performance in Aircraft Maintenance (HPIAM) Transport Canada's Human Factors Workshop, 15th Symposium on Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance and Careless, Stupid, Dumb and Lazy - A New Video Coming

  • Volume 5 Issue 2  In the 17th issue of GroundEffects: Dehydration - the Hidden Source, Space: The Lost Frontier, Is Human Factors Training a One Shot Deal?, Conducting a Human Factors Workshop, The Ground Crew Dirty Dozen have Arrived!

  • Volume 5 Issue 1  In the 16th issue of GroundEffects: Can the Old Dog Learn New Tricks?, Developing a Hazard Model for an Aviation Safety Case and the MARSS (Maintenance and Ramp Safety Society) Annual General Meeting...Volume 5 Issue 1  In the 16th issue of GroundEffects: Can the Old Dog Learn New Tricks?, Developing a Hazard Model for an Aviation Safety Case and the MARSS (Maintenance and Ramp Safety Society) Annual General Meeting...

  • Volume 4 Issue 4  In the 15th issue of GroundEffects:  FAA/CAA/TC 14th Annual Symposium, FAtigue,.ACE, Two New Videos, Sustained Wakefulness, Editors Notes, etc...

  • Volume 4 Issue 3  In the 14th issue of GroundEffects: Trends in Error Management, Terrible Odds, Distraction, The Role of the Human Element in Achieving a Safer and more Efficient Aircraft Maintenance System, Attitudes and more...

  • Volume 4 Issue 2  In the 13th issue of GroudEffects: Communication, AGM, The Terrible Odds, Aviation Maintenance HF Facilitators, CASS99, The Parking Lot, Editor's Note, etc...

  • Volume 4 Issue 1  In the 12th issue of GroudEffects: Maintenance Mistakes and System Solutions, 13th Annual FAA/CAA/TC Symposium, MARSS Facilitator Workshops, MARSS HPIM Pt. 2 Workshop, etc...

  • Volume 3 Issue 4  In the 11th issue of GroudEffects: An Innovative Approach to develop Human Factors Knowledge, 13th Annual FAA/CAA/TC Symposium, The Secrets of a Good Facilitator, Boring Life...  Not this Guy, CASS 98 and much more.

  • Volume 3 Issue 3  In the 10th issue of GroudEffects: Changes to ICAO Annex 6 Chapter 8 could change our lives, Maintenance and Ramp Safety Society, International requirement for Maintenance, Regulating Human Factors in Maintenance.  The Miracle Videos, Historical Human Factors, Maintenance Risk Management and Remembering the Forgotten mechanic.

  • Volume 3 Issue 2  In the 9th issue,  The Big Picture, From the NEW Editor,  A Near Death Experience, Cinderella in the Flight Dept., Go'en Over the Line, The Making of a Miracle

  • Volume 3 Issue 1  In the 8th issue,  Dupont aims for "Zero Incidents", Maintenance Error Investigations Need a Push and Will no Good Deeds go Unpunished?

  •  Volume 2 Issue 5  In the 7th issue, Team Resource Management at Delta Airlines, Discipline: Why Process is More Important Than Outcome and Blind obedience equals disaster

  •  Volume 2 Issue 4  In the 6th issue, we read about how behaviour-based safety reduces maintenance injuries and we read about discipline and the role of rule violations.

  •  Volume 2 Issue 3  In the 5th issue, there is a extremely interesting article from David Marx regarding Discipline in the workplace and many other Human Factors articles. 

  •  Volume 2 Issue 2  In the 4th issue,  there are articles on Human Factors in the Coast Guard, Evaluating Maintenance Human Factors Editorials and Relating Human Factors and FOD.

  •  Volume 2 Issue 1  In the 3rd issue, there is a very intriguing article regarding Human Factors

  •  Volume 1 Issue 2  In the 2nd issue the question is asked, "Maintenance Human Factors - Are we Getting Anywhere?" and  The "Test Flight of HPIM Part 2"

  •  Volume 1 Issue 1  In this 1st issue of GroundEffects, you will find many articles discussing Human Factors and the importance of Safety Training.