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Two Whites Two Reds

These are monthly Safety articles that have been generously provided by Sergio Romero owner of Two Whites Two Reds in Peru. Mr. Sergio Romero has kindly offered to provide a new Safety article monthly so please make sure you check back each month.


Aviation Human Factors News

These are weekly short articles that have been generously provided by Roger Hughes.

They are excellent articles published weekly and deal with the all important subject of human factors. 

Please have a read and let others know of this site as there are many years of articles and lots to be learned!


D.O.M. - Director of Maintenance Articles

DOM is an aviation magazine in the business of providing information to assist aviation maintenance personnel.  System Safety Services participates by writing Human Factor articles under the heading of “The Human Error.”

This excellent source of information can be found at www.DOMmagazine.com  


History Of Human Factors Training For Aircraft Maintenance Personnel

This article gives a short history of the beginnings of human factors training for aviation maintenance personnel.


Articles of Interest

Please take the time to read through some of these articles of interest.

Remember, some are industry related while others may add a smile to your day or simply make you sit back and think. . . . hmmmm . . .


Ground Effects

Ground Effects was a newsletter published from July 1996 to Winter of 2004 by the Maintenance and Ramp Safety Society (MARSS) with the goal of reporting aviation maintenance and Ground Crew Error Reduction Efforts. This newsletter has been archived here for some of its excellent articles which apply today.

SEDA - Safety Error Decision Aid

The purpose of SEDA (Safety Error Decision Aid) is to determine the ROOT causes, determine means to prevent a repeat & provide feedback.